More UK promotion

On ITV, April 7th

On ITV, April 7th

Morten did some more promotion in London yesterday. He started by appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s show on ITV, which can be seen here.

Then it was time for radio interviews, which included BBC Derby, BBC Lincolnshire, BBC Merseyside, BBC Suffolk, BBC Devon and others.

Although Morten will do more touring in the autumn, he couldn’t promise any further UK dates when answering fan questions on BBC Derby:

“I hope so, but I haven’t planned – I mean, this is all I see now; the album is just coming out and it’s what I’m doing. The summer is also booked up, as for the first time I’m doing festivals in Norway. There are a lot of activities there, and I have decided to do that this summer. Beyond that I haven’t planned exactly what will happen.”

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