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Magne donates artwork to charity auction


Aftenposten has an interview with Magne today, in connection with a new campaign by LHL (The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization). He is among a number of artists who have donated artworks for an online auction to benefit research on heart disease among women.

Magne himself has been suffering from atrial fibrillation for a number of years, and is scheduled to undergo heart surgery this summer.

So it’s natural for me to contribute to a campaign like this“, he says.

Magne has recently been busy moving into his new atelier at Galleri Trafo in Asker, and in the process he’s had a chance to go through a lot of his older paintings, graphic prints and ceramic art.

The monotype that he’s donated to the charity auction is from a series of prints that he made around 2000, where the motif somewhat resembles a heart against a background of electrical charges.

Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation“, Magne says.

It was almost a bit eerie. These prints were made right before my own heart problems were discovered. Yes, it does resemble a heart muscle. I had, perhaps, an underlying feeling in my body, which caused this to materialize.

The monotypes were exhibited only once, but were not available to buy. Now Magne has brought them out of storage.

This print does fit very well, considering my personal connection to heart problems“, he says.

The charity auction is now underway at the website of auction house Blomquist. Magne’s monotype is available here, with a starting price of 30 000 kroner. The auction is open until February 28th.

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