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a-ha TV special

Markus Kavka and Erikha Harket

An historical site: host Markus Kavka and Morten’s niece Erikha visit the Waaktaar family’s
cabin at Nærsnes, where a-ha recorded their first demos in the autumn of 1982.

A new TV-special about a-ha aired on Kabel Eins in Germany on 28 December.

Hosted by Markus Kavka, the “Number One!” TV-special included interviews with all three band members, as well as Bunty Bailey, producer Andreas “Boogieman” Herbig and a-ha manager Harald Wiik.

The whole show seems to have been removed from the channel’s website, but the complete interviews with Paul, Magne and Morten (which were done in late 2009) can be seen here.

If you’re having trouble viewing the clips outside Germany, some of the interview clips can also be found at

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