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Stiklestad opening

Magne with three of his "Borderless" prints 
(Picture from Adresseavisen)

Magne’s exhibition at the Leidang gallery at Stiklestad opened last Monday, July 23rd.

Held as part of the Olsokdagene culture festival, the exhibition included a series of new prints based on the word “Borderless” (the theme of this year’s festival is “Across borders”) and a selection of works from “Camera” (2009).

“I always hope that people get inspired and happy when seeing my art. But you never know. Personally I feel that it’s become a nice exhibition and I’m looking forward to seeing the audience reactions”, Magne told NRK.

The exhibition was opened by Knut Olav Åmås, the culture editor at newspaper Aftenposten.

“It’s rare to see an artist who creates so many different things on such a high level. There are some who get provoked by such a multi-talented man, which is understandable when you struggle to achieve even the simplest things yourself”, Åmås said in his speech.

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