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New podcast a-ha – Ranking Highs and Lows

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A new English-language podcast in six parts called a-ha – Ranking Highs and Lows launched during the Christmas holidays.

In the podcast, two Danish a-ha fans – Jesper and JP – attempt to rate a-ha’s catalogue of songs from worst to best, counting down from #147 to #1. Their friend Peter is the host.

Here’s a quote from an introduction to the project:

“Welcome to ‘a-ha – Ranking Highs and Lows’, the project where two life-long a-ha fans have taken on the ambitious task of ranking all the band’s songs from worst to best! To be very clear: This is not your standard ‘The 10 best a-ha singles’ countdown. This is the real deal where we go through the entire catalogue from the biggest singles to the most obscure demos released by the band.”

The first two episodes have already been published and are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or in your preferred podcast app.

The podcast has an accompanying Facebook page where fans are invited to comment and participate with their own views on the ranking. There is also a blog which has the countdown in written form.

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