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Bøgeberg remembers his time with a-ha

Bøgeberg performing at the opening of the a-ha exhibition in Oslo, October 2010
(Picture from

Jørun Bøgeberg, a-ha’s bassist from 1990 to 1994, has updated the a-ha section on his website with a new and long article about his time with the band.

Writing in detail about various studio sessions and concert tours, Bøgeberg provides fascinating insight into one of the most interesting periods of a-ha’s career.

The article also includes a wealth of private pictures, most of them never seen before.

This is recommended reading for all fans.

The article can be found on Bøgeberg’s website at – click on “A-HA 90-94” in the left-side menu.


Be also sure to check out his two solo albums Songs From The Pocket (1996) and Basstard (2006). The first one features backing vocals by Morten and cover art by Magne.

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