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Magne after heart surgery: “I’m in fantastic shape”

Cover of Magasinet, May 11th

Cover of Magasinet, May 11th

Magne is on the cover of Dagbladet’s Saturday magazine today. He is also on the front page of the newspaper itself.

In a 6-page interview done in London, he talks about the Norwegian Wood exhibition and the music he’ll be making for the upcoming Beatles movie at Abbey Road Studios.

“I’ll be using the old recording equipment used by The Beatles, and try to rent the old tape reels and microphones. I want to make it as authentic as possible.”

He also says that his heart condition is now much better, following a heart surgery last year.

“I have lived with the diagnosis atrial fibrillation, and there’s no denying that it’s been difficult at times. But after my surgery at Haukeland University Hospital last year I’m in fantastic shape. I have to thank the Norwegian health care system for giving me a new life at the age of 50. The problem is of course, if you ask my wife, that now I can work more than I’ve ever done. I have no limits.”

The journalist asks if he still has to take special considerations in his everyday life.

“No, not anymore. I’m healthy! For the first time in ten years I’m not taking any medication, that’s how it’s been for one year now. It feels really good.”

Magne has previously talked about his heart condition is several interviews, including The Daily Mail in 2009.

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