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Magne test-drives new electric car from Mercedes

Magne, sporting an Apparatjik hoodie by Moods of Norway, in front of the Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL

Magne, sporting an Apparatjik hoodie by Moods of Norway, in front of the Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL

Magne visited Kvernberget airport in Kristiansund today, where he had been invited to test-drive the new 533 horse power Mercedes SLS AMG E-CELL electric sports car.

A team from Mercedes AMG, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz specializing in high-performance luxury cars, is currently in northwestern Norway to unveil and test two brand new models. 32 motor journalists from all over the world will be visiting Kristiansund over the next two weeks to report on the cars, and Mercedes has brought in a certain Norwegian pop star and car enthusiast to promote the event.

In 1989 Magne and Morten imported the first electric car to Norway, in co-operation with the environmental organization Bellona. Today’s electric cars are of an entirely different caliber.

The technology has now caught up and been spread to a segment which also makes it possible for car enthusiasts to want an electric car. It’s great that established car companies are now making cars in the top segment which makes use of this new and pure technology“, Magne tells local newspaper Tidens Krav.

The car is totally sick. It’s fantastic to sit in a car with that type of power, without hearing the engine at all. It’s a unique feeling.

It’s always been a dilemma to be both a car enthusiast and an environmentally conscious person. You would often get criticized for wanting to be both; driving a sports car, while promoting an electric car. Now, for the first time, you can do both things at the same time – and that was about time!

a-ha have had a close partnership with Mercedes Benz in recent years. In 2001 the car company sponsored the concert webcast from Vallhall, and Morten has appeared on TV to praise the safety features of his Mercedes for saving his life when he survived a dramatic car crash on Christmas Eve in 2000.

Tidens Krav also has a video from today’s test driving, which can be seen here. There is also a video clip on YouTube.

Update: More pictures are available here.

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