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Gumball 3000: Team 43 arrives in Monaco

Magne after arrival in Monaco (Picture by Valerie)

Magne after arrival in Monaco
(Picture by Valerie. Click to enlarge.)

They started out Italian style, but opted for a more Russian flavor along the way, suitable for an Apparatjik.

Last night Team 43 and their Gumballada crossed the finish line in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where they got a warm welcome from the crowd.

“We’ve been on the road for six days now, so tomorrow it’ll be a week since we started. But it feels both like a week and as a 31-second boxing round”, Magne said in a video shortly before arriving in Monaco.

Update: At the official wrap party on Saturday night, Team 43 won the Gumball Ambassadors Award. Well deserved!

Read all about the trip on the team’s Tumblr blog:

Here are some YouTube clips featuring Team 43:
Start in Copenhagen (at 5:06)    Start in Copenhagen 2
On the road in Sweden (at 3:06)    Arriving in Krakow
Arriving in Krakow 2 (at 0:48)    Arriving in Vienna (at 1:28)
Arriving in Monaco

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