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På jakt etter paradiset DVD release

Thor Heyerdahl DVD cover

DVD cover

The 4-part documentary series På jakt etter paradiset, which was broadcast on NRK 1 in 2008, has now been released on DVD in Norway.

Revealing new details about the fascinating life of adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (1914 – 2002), the series received very good reviews when it first aired on TV.

In addition to classical pieces by composers like Grieg, Tveitt and Sibelius, the four 50-minute episodes feature original music made especially for the series by Nils Petter Molvær and Magne Furuholmen.

The 2-DVD set has all four episodes on disc 1 (without English subtitles), while disc 2 includes a 50-minute summary of the series in English.

The DVD can be ordered from online shops such as (only ships within Norway) and (worldwide shipping).

Nils Petter Molvær and Magne previously collaborated on the “Meltdown” concerts at Lillehammer in 2004. Molvær also played trumpet on Magne’s solo album Past Perfect Future Tense later that year, while Magne played piano on Molvær’s album er in 2005.

Initially, our music may seem very different, but when two such musical expressions are forced together, something magic can come out of it“, Molvær has said about working with Magne.

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