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S&M featured in NORD magazine

The cover of NORD magazine, June 2015

The cover of NORD magazine, June 2015

Magne Furuholmen and Simen Staalnacke are featured in a 7-page article in the summer issue of Norwegian food/lifestyle magazine NORD (#3/2015), in connection with their new drink and snacks company S&M Feelgood Factory.

The company, which was celebrated with a launch party in Oslo on May 7th, has a special focus on making non-alcoholic drinks, as explained in an article on

In the NORD magazine interview, Magne says that he can really feel the positive effects after 3-4 months without alcohol:

“I feel healthy and happy, my head gets clearer and I can feel positive changes in my body. I encourage everyone to try longer periods without alcohol, if only to become more aware of its effects.”

“There are many people, focused on a healthy lifestyle, who would like to go out with their friends without necessarily drinking lots of alcohol every time. We want them to be able to sip a Holy Moly drink, instead of always ending up with a glass of soda and a straw.”

Magne and Simen in NORD magazine

Magne and Simen in NORD magazine

Their products available so far are:
– Holy Moly
– Holy Moly Energy
– Iced Tee
– Chill-i-Coffee
– Dos Amigos chips
– Retox chips

There are also several other S&M products coming soon, including Bloody Mary popcorn and Sweethearts sweet potato snacks.

“There are so many boring softdrinks and types of snacks out there, and we want to make something that’s more fun. What’s life without some humour?”, they say.

Links: Official website    S&M on Facebook    S&M on Instagram

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