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Paul joins Spark Management

Still busy in the studio

Still busy in New York

Paul is now represented by New York-based management company Spark Management, which was founded earlier this year to “develop the careers of exceptional artists, songwriters, producers and mix engineers”.

The company’s roster of clients also includes Mark Saunders (who co-produced a-ha’s Foot of the Mountain album) and Dan Romer (who did the music for Beasts of The Southern Wild).

Paul is described as “an active songwriter and producer for other major label artists” on the company’s website.

Spark Management founder Ollie Hammett, who previously worked for Elton John’s Rocket Music Management, said in an interview with last year:

“I think we’re in a unique position to help develop the careers of producers, in both traditional ways i.e. producing records for artists as well as new ways, too, through opportunities in digital, interactive, film, television and theater. It’s an exciting time for music producers and there are many opportunities to rewrite the rule book.”

Although Paul has reportedly been writing and producing for other artists since January 2011, nothing has been officially released so far (that we know of). These projects all seem to be shrouded in mystery for the time being.

Update, July 16th: A Norwegian fan met Paul in Bergen on Friday, July 12th. When asked if there would be a new Savoy album, Paul said that “various things are gonna come up soon”. More info on the WOTM Forum.

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