Buenos Aires concert added

Buenos Aires, March 4th

a-ha at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, March 2010

A concert in Argentina in September, taking place three days before Rock in Rio, was announced on Friday:

24 September: Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This will be the fourth concert a-ha have played at Luna Park. In 1991 the band did two concerts at the venue, while in 2010 they opened the Ending on a High Note Tour there, in front of 10,000 people.

“An incredible audience. We were carried forward on a wave of South American madness”, Magne said after the 2010 opening show. Now it looks like they may be opening the Cast In Steel Tour at Luna Park as well.

There will also be several other tour dates in South America in September/October, following Buenos Aires and Rio. This according to an Aftenposten article.

Even Ormestad is new a-ha bassist

Even Ormestad (picture from discogs.com)

Even Ormestad
(picture from discogs.com)

Even Ormestad, known from the band Jaga Jazzist, is playing bass guitar on the new a-ha album Cast in Steel and will join the band on stage on the whole 2015-2016 tour. This was revealed in a conversation on the official Jaga Jazzist Facebook page today.

Ormestad has been a musician and producer for a number of Norwegian bands and artists in recent years, including Sassybeat – which was signed and managed by a-ha manager Harald Wiik. Most recently he produced Daniel Kvammen’s well-received debut album Fremad i Alle Retninga.

a-ha have not had a bass player with them on tour since Sven Lindvall’s departure in 2007. On the 2009-2010 tours, keyboardist Erik Ljunggren only played bass guitar on a few select songs.

As previously known, Ormestad’s Jaga Jazzist bandmate Lars Horntveth has been working on string arrangements for the new a-ha album – two songs, to be precise, according to their Facebook page.

And as for the rest of the backing band on the Cast in Steel Tour, Karl Oluf Wennerberg has hinted on Instagram that he will still be behind the drums, at least at Rock in Rio this year.

Morten records new version of “Hunting High and Low”

Morten and Raghad Kanawati in Hemland, directed by Sara Broos

Morten and Raghad Kanawati in Hemland, directed by Sara Broos

The new short film Hemland, in which Morten appears together with Syrian refugee Raghad Kanawati, aired on SVT1 in Sweden yesterday.

The film includes a new, acoustic version of “Hunting High and Low” that Morten recorded with Peter Kvint at Studio Brun in Stockholm recently. In addition, “Brother” is played during the end credits.

Hemland is now available for viewing online at svtplay.se (until June 2nd).

Lars Horntveth working on new a-ha album

From Lars Horntveth's Instagram

From Lars Horntveth’s Instagram

Norwegian musician and composer Lars Horntveth, known from the bands Jaga Jazzist and The National Bank, has recently been working on string arrangements for the new a-ha album Cast in Steel, it seems.

Horntveth, who is currently based in Los Angeles, posted a picture on Instagram from a recording session for a-ha last week, April 24th:
“Done recording full orchestra in Macedonia from 6-10am via Skype in my garage in LA. Science fiction!”

In addition, he posted a picture of sheet music for a new song written by Paul.

Horntveth is also known for producing two of Susanne Sundfør’s critically acclaimed albums; The Brothel (2010) and The Silicone Veil (2012) – the latter of which included the lead single “White Foxes”.

“I really loved Susanne Sundfør’s “White Foxes””, Paul said in an interview last year.

Update: Per Lindvall and Peter Kvint are also busy working on the new a-ha album. On April 29th they did a recording session at the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm. Per Lindvall posted some info about the session on Facebook here, and Peter Kvint also posted some info here.

“My philosophy is to surround myself with truly talented people who make my work sound better than it actually is. Today with rhythm maestro Per Lindvall and sound guru Simon Nordberg. We recorded drums for a couple of new A-ha songs at Atlantis”, Kvint wrote.

New concert dates

Tour ad

Tour ad

Two new dates on a-ha’s Cast In Steel Tour 2016 were announced this week:

  • 31 March: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland
  • 1 April: Le Zenith, Paris, France

This will be the 12th a-ha concert in Paris since 1986, and the 5th a-ha concert in Amsterdam since 1993.

The total number of concerts on next year’s Cast In Steel Tour is now 17, with many additional dates expected to be added.

Tickets for Paris and Amsterdam are available now from gdp.fr and ticketmaster.nl.

Morten appears in new documentary

Raghad Kanawati and Morten

Raghad Kanawati and Morten

Morten appears in a new 14-minute short film called Hemland, which also features the songs “Hunting High and Low” and “Brother”.

The Swedish short film is part of a new series of eight documentaries called Fans.

Hemland (Homeland) tells the story of Raghad Kanawati, a Syrian woman who grew up listening to a-ha’s music in Damascus back in the 80s. She later became a refugee and ended up in Sweden.

In the film, which was shot in Sweden in January this year, she gets to meet Morten for a conversation.

“My goal was to portray a muslim woman who grew up with pop culture and had one foot in the Western world, and a pop star who is more interested in butterflies and carpentry than living the life of a pop star“, director Sara Broos told NTB.

“It was not a meeting between an idol and a fan, they met as people outside of those roles. It was a very emotional and personal meeting. Morten was very touched by Raghad’s story, and that’s why he agreed to take part”, she told nwt.se.

Morten attended the premiere at Filmhuset in Stockholm on April 13th, along with Peter Kvint. A short radio interview with Morten from the premiere can be heard at sverigesradio.se (starts at 7 minutes).

Hemland will air on SVT1 in Sweden on May 3rd. Visit almafilm.se for more info about the film and a few pictures from the Stockholm premiere.

Morten Harket stiller i film om syrisk flyktningfan
A-ha-sångaren i film från Sunne

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