Morten talks about Jamaica visit

Morten's sunglasses were popular among the girls in Kingston, Jamaica (Picture by Just Loomis)

Morten is interviewed in today’s VG, in connection with tomorrow’s comedy show on TV Norge to benefit UNICEF. The show will feature a report from Morten’s visit to Kingston, Jamaica this summer.

“We visited a community with much violence and difficult social conditions, quite a common type of area in Jamaica. Some of those we met, around 20 years old, were clearly on drugs and already heavily involved in crime. That’s how they’ve chosen to take control of their own life”, Morten tells the newspaper.

Among those he met was a 14 year old girl who was eager to get married.

“It’s normal for all girls that age to be thinking about boyfriends, but when they get pregnant at such a young age, it really puts them back in relation to their own future.”

– Do you feel privileged to have your children grow up in Norway?, VG asks.

“Yes, of course we’re privileged – we have such a high level of safety and security here that it’s almost incomprehensible for other people.”

– In that respect, the Utøya attack this summer was a big exception?

“It definitely was.”

In Jamaica, Morten apparently received a lot of attention. Not because he’s famous, but because he’s white and had expensive sunglasses.

“The children we met had no idea who I was. Jamaica is very isolated in that regard, as they only listen to local music. They don’t know who U2 are, or Coldplay, REM and Madonna. And certainly not a-ha! But that’s also what makes it an interesting place to visit”, Morten says.

“Humorkveld” to benefit UNICEF airs live on TV Norge tomorrow night. Part 1 between 19:00 and 20:00, and part 2 between 21:30 and 23:00.

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