Oslo concerts, September 14th/15th

Sentrum Scene, September 15th 
(Picture by Jakob)

The setlist at Morten’s concerts in Oslo this weekend was noticeably different from the standard setlist earlier this year. “Just Believe It”, “Scared Of Heights”, “Forever Not Yours” and “Take On Me” were dropped, and instead replaced by “Wild Seed” (performed live for the first time since the 90s), “Movies”  and “Send Me An Angel” (in a new live arrangement).

To celebrate Morten’s birthday on Friday, the backing band surprised him at the end of the show with Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday”. Martin Halla also came on stage to join them, as you can see in this YouTube clip.

Here is the setlist from Friday’s concert:

September 15th

1. Burn Money Burn
2. I’m The One
3. Keep The Sun Away
4. Crying In The Rain
5. Out Of Blue Comes Green
6. Move To Memphis
7. Los Angeles
8. Wild Seed
9. Lightning
10. When I Reached The Moon
11. We’re Looking For The Whales
12. Movies
13. Foot Of The Mountain
14. Send Me An Angel
15. Stay On These Roads
16. Spanish Steps
17. Lay Me Down Tonight
18. A Kind Of Christmas Card
19. Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder cover)

On Saturday, the setlist was mostly the same, but “Spanish Steps” was performed twice due to technical problems. The set ended with “A Kind Of Christmas Card”.

Check out more YouTube clips from the concerts here.

Catherine with the panel; Harald Wiik, Erik Ljunggren, Dan Sunhordvik and James Maillardet 
(Picture by Jakob)

Another highlight of the weekend was an interesting Q and A session with Harald Wiik, Erik Ljunggren, Dan Sunhordvik and production manager James Maillardet at Sentrum Scene on Saturday. One of the more amusing stories involved getting booked to play a venue called Circus in Novosibirsk, Russia earlier this year – and then arriving in the city and realizing that the venue was an actual circus (complete with lions backstage!).

Stian Andersen and Morten, interviewed by Asbjørn Slettemark 
(Picture by Jakob)

Later in the afternoon, Stian Andersen and Morten were interviewed in front of a large crowd at Oslo Book Festival. This can be seen on YouTube, posted by Chris F: 
Part 1   Part 2

Articles in the Norwegian press: 
Fra grillfestival til Harket 
Nostalgisk bursdagsselskap

More info from the 30th anniversary weekend to follow…

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