Morten on the new album: “This is a new start”

Morten in the studio in Stockholm (From VG's paper edition)

Morten in the studio in Stockholm
(From VG’s paper edition)

VG has an interview with Morten today, in connection with his new single “Brother” which is released next Saturday, January 18th. There’s a 1-minute sample of the song available now on

As stated in the VG interview, the new single has a more organic sound than the material on Out Of My Hands and has Morten singing in a lower register. “You’re still my brother / till the end of time” is quoted as part of the lyrics.

The interview was done in Peter Kvint’s studio in Stockholm, where the duo is apparently still busy trying to finish the album.

“I didn’t like the a-ha machinery on Out Of My Hands”, Morten says – referring to having many of the same backing musicians and crew members as on the last a-ha tours in 2009-10.

Cover of the new single

Cover of the new single

“The a-ha backstory was still present in my system, but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait before starting again. This [new album] is a much more peaceful project, without all that noise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Out Of My Hands and everything that happened afterwards, but now I don’t have those connections anymore. There’s an open sky before me and I feel completely free. This definitely feels like a new start.”

The title track of the new album was the first song Morten wrote together with Peter Kvint. He has only good things to say about the Swedish producer:

“I feel that we’re responding to the same things. He’s a good listener, and none of us feel that we’re standing in each other’s way. He’s curious about what I want to do, and so am I. I really feel that I’ve landed with this collaboration. He’s a real find. Things have never been easier, not least in the studio.”

Morten agrees that his new material has similarities with Wild Seed:

“And that’s incredibly liberating. I have the same feeling now as I had back then; of starting all over again.”

As usual, he is also asked about the possibility of a-ha ever reforming:

“I don’t know if that will ever happen – that’s not for me to decide anyway. But it was definitely the right decision to quit when we did.”

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