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New a-ha tour in 2019

Back on the road in 2019

Although a-ha have done two major tours this year; the MTV Unplugged Tour and the Electric Summer Tour, the band will be going on the road again in October and November 2019, the official site announced on Friday:

The tour will take place in October and November of 2019. We will be announcing all the dates and cities at once, several days in advance of the ticket on sale, which starts November 9th. The venues will be all seated. And the band will be returning to a few cities they haven’t played in over 15 years!

Over the coming days, we will reveal a new tour city each day on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow along and share in the excitement as we count down to the full announcement in early November!

Four cities have already been announced: Dublin, Bremen, Glasgow and Paris, with more cities to follow in the coming days.

But what kind of tour is it? Will it be in connection with a new a-ha album?

No one knows for sure yet, but Morten was at Peter Kvint’s Studio Brun in Stockholm earlier this month. In addition to being the place where Morten has recorded much of his solo work in recent years, Studio Brun is also where parts of a-ha’s Cast In Steel album was recorded in 2014/15.

Meanwhile, Paul has been working in the studio in New York with engineer Chuck Zwicky. In addition to assisting on Savoy and Waaktaar & Zoe projects, Zwicky also worked on the Cast In Steel album.

Songwriting session in Lillehammer

Morten with his trusted Everly Brothers guitar
(Picture by Peter Kvint on Facebook)

Morten and producer Peter Kvint have been spending some time at a mountain cabin in the Lillehammer area this week, working on new songs. Kvint has posted some pictures from their stay on Facebook.

“This week I’ve been on a cabin trip with Morten Harket in Lillehammer. We had fun and it turned out well!”, Kvint wrote.

Time will tell if the songs end up on Morten’s next solo album or if they will be used for a-ha.
“We’ll see”, Kvint said in the Facebook comments.

When asked by a fan if it’s hard to come up with new songs, Kvint said; “It’s quite easy, we just have to make sure to set time aside and choose the right environment.”

Kvint: a-ha album master delivered

Peter Kvint, who has been working on the new a-ha album Cast In Steel with Morten and Magne in Stockholm, posted an update on Facebook yesterday, saying that he was “celebrating delivery of A-ha album master”.

So the album seems to be on track for the promised September 4th release date. And it shouldn’t be too long until we get to hear the first single.

Morten records new version of “Hunting High and Low”

Morten and Raghad Kanawati in Hemland, directed by Sara Broos

Morten and Raghad Kanawati in Hemland, directed by Sara Broos

The new short film Hemland, in which Morten appears together with Syrian refugee Raghad Kanawati, aired on SVT1 in Sweden yesterday.

The film includes a new, acoustic version of “Hunting High and Low” that Morten recorded with Peter Kvint at Studio Brun in Stockholm recently. In addition, “Brother” is played during the end credits.

Hemland is now available for viewing online at (until June 2nd).

Lars Horntveth working on new a-ha album

From Lars Horntveth's Instagram

From Lars Horntveth’s Instagram

Norwegian musician and composer Lars Horntveth, known from the bands Jaga Jazzist and The National Bank, has recently been working on string arrangements for the new a-ha album Cast in Steel, it seems.

Horntveth, who is currently based in Los Angeles, posted a picture on Instagram from a recording session for a-ha last week, April 24th:
“Done recording full orchestra in Macedonia from 6-10am via Skype in my garage in LA. Science fiction!”

In addition, he posted a picture of sheet music for a new song written by Paul.

Horntveth is also known for producing two of Susanne Sundfør’s critically acclaimed albums; The Brothel (2010) and The Silicone Veil (2012) – the latter of which included the lead single “White Foxes”.

“I really loved Susanne Sundfør’s “White Foxes””, Paul said in an interview last year.

Update: Per Lindvall and Peter Kvint are also busy working on the new a-ha album. On April 29th they did a recording session at the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm. Per Lindvall posted some info about the session on Facebook here, and Peter Kvint also posted some info here.

“My philosophy is to surround myself with truly talented people who make my work sound better than it actually is. Today with rhythm maestro Per Lindvall and sound guru Simon Nordberg. We recorded drums for a couple of new A-ha songs at Atlantis”, Kvint wrote.

Paris concert, July 5th

Karl Oluf Wennerberg, Lars Danielsson, Morten, Peter Kvint, Christer Karlsson and Vicky Singh

Karl Oluf Wennerberg, Lars Danielsson, Morten, Peter Kvint, Christer Karlsson and Vicky Singh
(Picture by Chris F. Click to enlarge.)

Morten was back at at l’Olympia in Paris last night, to play the first of nine concerts this month.

The Paris gig was originally going to take place on May 14th, but had to be rescheduled due to Morten’s sudden throat infection.

This time Karl Oluf Wennerberg was sitting in for Per Lindvall on the drums, while both Peter Kvint and Vicky Singh played guitar, which provided a rich sound.

The 18-song set was quite similar to the May concerts, but with “Send Me An Angel” and “Movies” replacing “When I Reached The Moon” and “Should The Rain Fall”.

These video clips from Paris have been posted online so far:
End Of The Line   Darkspace   There Is A Place    Brother

Photo gallery:

Now Morten and the band are off to London tomorrow for another rescheduled gig, before it’s time for more Norwegian festivals, starting on Thursday. The Brother album is still doing really well in Norway, in fact it climbs up from #15 to #10 in its 12th week on the official album chart.

Morten in Musikkpraksis magazine

Musikkpraksis 3/2014

Musikkpraksis 3/2014

Morten appears on the cover of the current issue of Norwegian music magazine Musikkpraksis.

Inside there’s an 8-page article detailing the writing and recording process of the Brother album, featuring interviews with both Morten and producer Peter Kvint.

“We have built up this trust between us and have a really good collaboration going. There are creative sparks flying constantly and we always end up with something when we sit down to write. Often we’ll just sit there and jam, make melodies and just kind of float”, Peter Kvint tells the magazine.

The song they struggled the most with on the new album was “Safe With Me”, which Morten feels suffers somewhat from the production:

“That’s a very primal song, basic and simple, but also very distinct. So we had remove all the extra fluff and crap. Still we didn’t manage to remove enough crap, there are still things in there that disturb the pure nature of the song. But that’s OK, it’s not too bad. I’m at peace with it. (…) But that’s also one of the songs I like the most on the album. That one, “There Is A Place” and “Brother”. Those songs have the clearest identities.”

Morten is also honest about how Out Of My Hands and the collaboration with Steve Osborne didn’t end up exactly as planned:

“What happened was that Erik [Ljunggren] and I didn’t reach the level of contact that we really wanted with Steve Osborne. (…) Steve really has a lot to offer and is a very interesting musician and producer, but I didn’t feel that we managed to bring out the best in each other.”

Peter Kvint is asked about Morten’s abilities as a guitarist:

“I think he plays really great! Of course he doesn’t know guitar tabs and things like that, so there’s no use in suggesting ‘F major’, he he. It’s like he doesn’t want to learn those things, he wants his head to be clear – and that works for him. He likes things that are a little odd, unusual chord progressions for instance. He’ll often slip in a chord you wouldn’t have expected.”

The full article can be found in Musikkpraksis #3/2014, available now.

Brother tour opens in Hamburg

Morten on stage at Laeiszhalle last night, with Lars Danielsson (left). (Picture from

Morten on stage at Laeiszhalle last night, with Lars Danielsson (left).
(Picture from

Morten’s 2014 solo tour opened at the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg, Germany last night. He was backed by Per Lindvall (drums), Christer Karlsson (keyboard), Peter Kvint (guitar) and Lars Danielsson (bass). “We had a great great time – thanks to all you wonderful fans!”, Peter Kvint said in an update on his website.

Update: A video of the whole concert has now been posted on Vimeo.

Here is the setlist, with links to live videos:

1. Do You Remember Me?
2. Oh What A Night
3. Spanish Steps
4. End Of The Line
5. Darkspace
6. Did I Leave You Behind
7. When I Reached The Moon
8. Lay Me Down Tonight
9. Should The Rain Fall
10. Shooting Star
11. Safe With Me
12. There Is A Place
13. Wild Seed
14. Los Angeles
15. Whispering Heart
16. Brother
17. A Kind Of Christmas Card
18. Let It Be Me (Everly Brothers cover, duet with Peter Kvint)

This means the setlist included 7 songs from Brother, 5 songs from Wild Seed, 3 songs from Letter From Egypt, 1 song from Out Of My Hands, 1 unreleased song (“Did I Leave You Behind”) and 1 cover version (“Let It Be Me”). No a-ha songs this time, thankfully!

Three of the songs had their live premieres last night; “Oh What A Night” and “End Of the Line” from Brother and “Should The Rain Fall” from Letter From Egypt. In addition, “Darkspace” and “Shooting Star” were played live for the first time since 2008.

Five of the songs (“Spanish Steps”, “When I Reached The Moon”, “Lay Me Down Tonight”, “Wild Seed” and “A Kind Of Christmas Card”) were also performed on the 2012 tour.

There is a photo gallery from the concert at

Morten performs “Brother” at Spellemann

Morten on stage in Stavanger Konserthus

Morten on stage in Stavanger Konserthus

Morten performed “Brother” live for the first time last night, at the Spellemann Awards 2013 in Stavanger (although much of it seemed to be playback). If you missed it, it’s been uploaded to YouTube.

He was joined on stage by two very familiar Swedes on keyboard and drums; Christer Karlsson and Per Lindvall, plus two other Swedes on guitar and bass; Peter Kvint and Jerker Odelholm.

On the red carpet before the show

“I’ve brought along a really good band. It’s good to get started”, Morten told VG on the red carpet

“Brother emerged when we did a 5-day session at a cabin in Southern Norway, and the identity of that song set the tone for the whole album. I can recognize myself again as an artist now, and things are completely different than on the last album. The collaboration with Peter Kvint has opened new channels within me”, Morten told Aftenposten in an interview before the show.

The song was released yesterday in Norway, where it quickly went to number 1 on the iTunes chart. It’s also available on WiMP and Spotify, and will be released in other countries soon.

VG’s reviewer Thomas Talseth gives the song 5/6 and calls it “a triumph”:

“Brother, a serious yet uplifting song, has melodic hooks that pushes the right buttons. Empathic and moving. (…) This could – and should – be his biggest solo-hit in years”, Talseth writes.

Video clips from the red carpet at Spellemann:
Dagbladet    Se og Hør    VGTV    NRK

Morten on the new album: “This is a new start”

Morten in the studio in Stockholm (From VG's paper edition)

Morten in the studio in Stockholm
(From VG’s paper edition)

VG has an interview with Morten today, in connection with his new single “Brother” which is released next Saturday, January 18th. There’s a 1-minute sample of the song available now on

As stated in the VG interview, the new single has a more organic sound than the material on Out Of My Hands and has Morten singing in a lower register. “You’re still my brother / till the end of time” is quoted as part of the lyrics.

The interview was done in Peter Kvint’s studio in Stockholm, where the duo is apparently still busy trying to finish the album.

“I didn’t like the a-ha machinery on Out Of My Hands”, Morten says – referring to having many of the same backing musicians and crew members as on the last a-ha tours in 2009-10.

Cover of the new single

Cover of the new single

“The a-ha backstory was still present in my system, but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait before starting again. This [new album] is a much more peaceful project, without all that noise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Out Of My Hands and everything that happened afterwards, but now I don’t have those connections anymore. There’s an open sky before me and I feel completely free. This definitely feels like a new start.”

The title track of the new album was the first song Morten wrote together with Peter Kvint. He has only good things to say about the Swedish producer:

“I feel that we’re responding to the same things. He’s a good listener, and none of us feel that we’re standing in each other’s way. He’s curious about what I want to do, and so am I. I really feel that I’ve landed with this collaboration. He’s a real find. Things have never been easier, not least in the studio.”

Morten agrees that his new material has similarities with Wild Seed:

“And that’s incredibly liberating. I have the same feeling now as I had back then; of starting all over again.”

As usual, he is also asked about the possibility of a-ha ever reforming:

“I don’t know if that will ever happen – that’s not for me to decide anyway. But it was definitely the right decision to quit when we did.”

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