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Morten in the studios of SWR1 in Stuttgart, March 25th (Picture from

Morten in the studios of SWR1, March 25th
(Picture from

Two additional interviews with Morten were broadcast on German radio today.

On Radio 7 he was a guest on Chrissie Weiss’ evening show, where he talked briefly about the upcoming tour:

“We have a shorter spring tour coming up in May, across Europe. A couple of weeks only, quite a dense tour. Doing a little of France, Belgium, Germany, England – even Turkey, for the first time. It’s exciting, as I’ve actually never been to Turkey. So that has its own merit in itself, to go and play in Istanbul. I look forward to that very much, also because this is an album that I am very keen on playing live.”

The 5-part interview can be heard on Radio 7’s website.

He also appeared on SWR1’s “Guten Abend Baden-Württemberg” tonight, where the album track “Whispering Heart” was played for the first time. In addition, Morten performed an acoustic version of “Do You Remember Me?” together with Dan Sunhordvik, which can be heard below:

The full interview doesn’t seem to available online, but another acoustic performance will be broadcast on SWR1 tomorrow night.

Morten and Dan also did an acoustic version of “Brother” on the TV-show SWR3 Latenight in Baden-Baden today. Some Instagram pictures have been posted here and here. When it will air remains to be seen.

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