Morten starts German promo tour

Morten in Munich, March 24th (Picture by Cermisi)

Morten in Munich, March 24th
(Picture by Cermisi)

Morten started his German promo tour in Munich yesterday, where he visited the studio of radio station BR3. In the interview, which was broadcast today and now available on, he was asked about the melancholic feel of “Brother”:

“Melancholy is seen as sad by some people, whilst for other people it’s a way of reflecting on things that have value to you. But “Brother” is kind of a war song at the same time; you are you, and you have the right to become you. And no one has the right to prevent or to stop that from happening. If I’m interested in you, I don’t want to change you into becoming something I like, so to speak. I should just welcome anything that you want to do to become you”, Morten said.

Today he was in Stuttgart for an interview with SWR1, which can be heard on It included the premiere of the full version of “Do You Remember Me?”, which is the second single off the album. There is also a gallery of photos on SWR1’s Facebook page.

He also visited Radio 7 in Ulm today, where a lucky contest winner had a chance to sing “Brother” together with Morten. Interview clips, along with a YouTube video and photo gallery have been posted on

Several other interviews have been taped and will air in the coming days and weeks.

The promo tour, which continues with radio, TV and newspaper interviews for the rest of the week, will apparently also visit Baden-Baden, Mannheim and Hannover.

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