FFN and HR1 radio interviews

Contest winner Bettina gets vocal coaching from Morten

Contest winner Bettina gets vocal coaching from Morten
(Picture from ffn.de)

Morten was in Hannover today, on the fifth day of his German promo tour for the upcoming Brother album.

On the radio station FFN another contest winner, Bettina, had the chance to get vocal coaching from Morten as she sang a duet with him on “Brother”. Two different video reports from the visit have been posted on ffn.de and sat1regional.de. He was also interviewed for several FFN shows, and there are extensive photo galleries on haz.de and ffn.de. While at the radio studio he also met this fan.

Morten also visited the studio of HR1 for more interviews. The HR1 website has posted a video clip of Morten speaking in German, inviting people to come to his concert in Offenbach in May. There is also a photo gallery.

In addition, more interview clips and acoustic songs were broadcast on both SWR1 Baden-Württemberg and SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz tonight. Here is an acoustic version of “Safe With Me”, recorded in Stuttgart on Tuesday:

And here’s another Instagram photo from the visit to Baden-Baden on Wednesday.

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