Brother tour opens in Hamburg

Morten on stage at Laeiszhalle last night, with Lars Danielsson (left). (Picture from

Morten on stage at Laeiszhalle last night, with Lars Danielsson (left).
(Picture from

Morten’s 2014 solo tour opened at the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg, Germany last night. He was backed by Per Lindvall (drums), Christer Karlsson (keyboard), Peter Kvint (guitar) and Lars Danielsson (bass). “We had a great great time – thanks to all you wonderful fans!”, Peter Kvint said in an update on his website.

Update: A video of the whole concert has now been posted on Vimeo.

Here is the setlist, with links to live videos:

1. Do You Remember Me?
2. Oh What A Night
3. Spanish Steps
4. End Of The Line
5. Darkspace
6. Did I Leave You Behind
7. When I Reached The Moon
8. Lay Me Down Tonight
9. Should The Rain Fall
10. Shooting Star
11. Safe With Me
12. There Is A Place
13. Wild Seed
14. Los Angeles
15. Whispering Heart
16. Brother
17. A Kind Of Christmas Card
18. Let It Be Me (Everly Brothers cover, duet with Peter Kvint)

This means the setlist included 7 songs from Brother, 5 songs from Wild Seed, 3 songs from Letter From Egypt, 1 song from Out Of My Hands, 1 unreleased song (“Did I Leave You Behind”) and 1 cover version (“Let It Be Me”). No a-ha songs this time, thankfully!

Three of the songs had their live premieres last night; “Oh What A Night” and “End Of the Line” from Brother and “Should The Rain Fall” from Letter From Egypt. In addition, “Darkspace” and “Shooting Star” were played live for the first time since 2008.

Five of the songs (“Spanish Steps”, “When I Reached The Moon”, “Lay Me Down Tonight”, “Wild Seed” and “A Kind Of Christmas Card”) were also performed on the 2012 tour.

There is a photo gallery from the concert at

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