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Morten to perform at Hvalstrandfestivalen

Another festival concert was announced today: Morten will perform at the Hvalstrand Festival 2014 in Asker, which is held on 22-23 August. The exact date for the concert is not yet known. Update: It’s 23 August.

“Morten Harket will finally perform in his home town, and we are very proud that he’s chosen our festival!”, festival manager Fredrik Brodtkorb says.

Other artists confirmed for the festival include Sivert Høyem, Melissa Horn and Alphaville.

For a list of all the 2014 concerts announced so far, click here.

A Bouquet from Magne

(Picture from Budstikka)

Magne’s massive outdoor installation Bouquet was officially unveiled in Asker yesterday, in connection with the opening of group exhibition “Kunst Rett Vest”.

“Although this is more of a cover-up than an unveiling”, Magne joked.

By using a gigantic nylon sheet, Magne has completely covered a building called Torvgården and decorated it with tulip-coloured anagrams using the letters in “Kunst Rett Vest”.

This particular building is often referred to as the Aalto Vase because of its characteristic shape – a vase which is often used for tulips.

“I used the connections to the tulip vase as a basis, which in turn inspired the title and colour pallette. And then I’ve just used the letters in “Kunst Rett Vest” and made different anagrams. I’m not the one to judge the result, but I hope it freshens up the place a bit”, Magne told Budstikka.

Update: Magne’s upcoming anniversary exhibition at Galleri Trafo will apparently also be called Bouquet, according to an update from the Magne F mailing list. The exhibition is open from October 25th – November 25th.

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