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Morten attends Tesla opening

Morten and Frederic Hauge

Electric car company Tesla Motors opened a new showroom in Oslo today, where their new Model S premium sedan was the main attraction.

Morten, known for his interest in electric cars and renewable energy, arrived at the opening in a Tesla Roadster sports car together with his friend Frederic Hauge, leader of the Bellona Foundation. In 1989, Morten and Magne brought the first electric car to Norway in co-operation with Hauge and Bellona.

“It’s got a really sleek design, but the important thing is that we now have a technology that’s making this possible”, Morten said, while seated behind the wheel of the Model S.

Still, if he had to choose, he would go for a different model:

“I live out in the country, and need something with a higher ground clearance. Therefore I would be more interested in a car like the Tesla Model X”, Morten told Dagbladet.

There is also a video clip at VGTV.

Morten was originally scheduled to be a guest on the German TV-show “Gottschalk Live” today, but that appearance was cancelled.

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