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2022 world tour opens in Buenos Aires

a-ha in Buenos Aires, 25 March
(Screenshots from YouTube videos posted by Martin F)

a-ha were finally back on stage last night, two years after the pandemic brought the Hunting High and Low tour to a temporary halt.

The 2022 tour kicked off at a sold-out Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina – the same city where they also opened their world tours in 2010 and 2015.

Morten in Buenos Aires
(Screenshot from YouTube)

“We’ve been waiting a long time to be back, I think it’s seven years since we were in Argentina. Thank you so much for bringing us back here. It’s been two years since we were on the road together and we all know what happened in between. So we might be a bit rusty. Forgive us for that”, Magne told the audience after the first few songs.

Although the first half of the show remained the Hunting High and Low album in its entirety, the running order of the songs had been switched around this time, starting with “Train of Thought” instead of “Take On Me” and saving the three big hits for the end of the album set.

The second half of the show included the world premiere of two new songs from the upcoming a-ha album True North, which is now set to be released in October. They are called “Forest For The Trees” (by Paul) and “You Have What It Takes” (by Magne). Paul has posted the lyrics to “Forest For The Trees” on Facebook.

In total the setlist included 18 songs, which is two songs less than the tour of Europe/Russia/Dubai in 2019-20, but the same length as South Africa, Australia (indoors) and New Zealand (indoors), and three songs more than the outdoors “Day On The Green” shows in 2020.

Magne in Buenos Aires
(Screenshot from YouTube)

One band member was notably absent last night; keyboardist and musical director Erik Ljunggren, who had become ill with Covid. Magne explained to the audience:

“We even lost a musician the day we arrived, to Covid. So he’s in isolation in the hotel. I guess you could see it as an invisible keyboard player over there. So we had to work all week to try to augment the show, to give you the best possible show we could under the circumstances.”

There was no large video screen used as stage backdrop, but instead the same basic light rig that was used on the tour outside of Europe in 2020. This could perhaps mean the video screen will only appear on the upcoming European tour.

Support band in Buenos Aires was local duo Desierto y Agua.

Paul in Buenos Aires
(Screenshot from YouTube)

The setlist
(YouTube videos by Martin F)
1. Train of Thought
2. The Blue Sky
3. Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale
4. And You Tell Me
5. Love is Reason
6. I Dream Myself Alive
7. Here I Stand and Face the Rain
8. Hunting High and Low
9. The Sun Always Shines on TV
10. Take On Me
– – – – – – – – – – – –
11. Sycamore Leaves
12. Forest For The Trees
13. You Have What It Takes
14. The Swing Of Things
15. Crying In The Rain
– – – – – – – – – – – –
16. Scoundrel Days
17. I’ve Been Losing You
18. The Living Daylights

Thanks to all fans in Argentina who has shared pictures and videos from the concert in Buenos Aires!

The tour continues at SND Arena in Asunción, Paraguay tomorrow, where the local band Deliverans will be supporting. On Wednesday they are playing at Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile with The Cruel Visions supporting.

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‘Cast In Steel’ Tour opens in Buenos Aires

a-ha on stage in Buenos Aires, 24 September

a-ha on stage in Buenos Aires, 24 September

a-ha opened their Cast In Steel Tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday night, in front of 10,000 people at the Luna Park indoor arena. This was their first concert in almost five years and the first of 40 concerts on the 2015-16 tour, which is now set to end on 1 May 2016 in Oslo Spektrum, after an extra concert was added.

Picture by Marcelo

Picture by Marcelo

The Moods of Norway suits are gone, they have a new bass player, and some of the songs have a rockier edge, but – judging from the YouTube clips – the concert wasn’t too different from what they presented five years ago. And although this is the Cast In Steel Tour, the title track was actually not performed. Only a mere three (3) songs from the new album was included in the setlist on Thursday.

Before the show, Magne told VG that none of the songs on Cast In Steel are really working well enough in a live setting yet. Hopefully more of them will be added later.

Picture by Marcelo

Picture by Marcelo

Apart from “Sycamore Leaves”, “Soft Rains Of April” and those three new songs, all the other songs in the setlist were also played during the Farewell Tour in 2010. Although this time they played full band versions of “Crying In The Rain”, “Early Morning” and “You Are The One”, instead of the acoustic versions they did back then.

Breaking it down by albums, they played 3 songs from Hunting High and Low, 6 songs from Scoundrel Days, 3 songs from Stay On These Roads, 3 songs from East Of The Sun, 1 song from Memorial Beach, no songs from Minor Earth, Major Sky, no songs from Lifelines, no songs from Analogue, 1 song from Foot Of The Mountain and 3 songs from Cast In Steel. Quite an unbalanced setlist.

But the audience at Luna Park didn’t seem to care much what they played, giving the band a warm and enthusiastic response.

Picture by Marcelo

Picture by Marcelo

VG’s Stein Østbø gives the concert a 3 out of 6 rating in his review, saying that he had expected more from a-ha this time around:

“The tour opening in Argentina came across as a continuation of the Farewell Tour that ended in Oslo Spektrum five years ago. Where was the new a-ha? Where were the changes that would bring the trio into another new phase?”

As for the visuals, although there were plenty of new graphics on the three screens behind the band, much of it was also re-used elements from the Farewell Tour. Oddly enough, footage from the music videos for “Dark Is The Night” and “Lifelines” was shown during “Scoundrel Days”, for some reason.

Here is the correct setlist, with links to YouTube-videos:
(the setlist on is wrong…)

01. The Wake
02. I’ve Been Losing You
03. Cry Wolf
04. Stay On These Roads
05. Move To Memphis
06. Scoundrel Days
07. Crying In The Rain
08. We’re Looking For The Whales
09. Sycamore Leaves
10. Hunting High And Low
11. The Swing Of Things
12. Early Morning
13. You Are The One
14. Forest Fire
15. Soft Rains Of April
16. Foot Of The Mountain
17. The Sun Always Shines On TV
18. Under The Makeup
19. The Living Daylights
20. Take On Me

There were several moments during the show that didn’t work quite as they should, including Magne messing up the beginning of “The Swing Of Things” and the sing-along in “The Living Daylights”:

Magne and Paul interviewed by VG after the show

Magne and Paul interviewed by VG after the show

“It was really fun, a great atmosphere and much enthusiasm! But I feel I’m a bit out of practice. I guess I did every mistake you could possible do during one show, enough for the rest of the tour”, Magne told VG backstage after the concert.

“But those mistakes were really good! Let’s add them to the show!”, Paul joked.

“It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but there was a great atmosphere all the way through”, Magne said.

“A very cool audience and we got through it fairly well. It felt good to be on stage”, Paul added.

Norwegian press about the Buenos Aires concert:
VG: Konsertanmeldelse: Tidløse a-ha (25 Sep.)
VG: Furuholmen etter a-ha-comebacket: – Gjorde alle feil jeg kunne gjøre! (25 Sep.)
VG: a-ha med kontroversiell plakat under Buenos Aires-konsert (25 Sep.)
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Dagbladet: – Det overrasket meg at de spilte «You Are the One»… (25 Sep.)
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VG: a-ha: En nygammel suksess (24 Sep.)
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VG: Argentinske Pilar (12): Har vært a-ha-fan siden hun ble født (23 Sep.)
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TV2 also has an 8-minute video interview with Morten and Magne, which was done in Oslo before leaving for South America: Se eksklusivt intervju med A-ha

The tour continues with the big Rock in Rio concert on Sunday night. It looks like the festival concerts are streamed online at So keep an eye on that page. a-ha are scheduled to play at 10:30pm local time (3:30am CET).

Buenos Aires concert added

Buenos Aires, March 4th

a-ha at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, March 2010

A concert in Argentina in September, taking place three days before Rock in Rio, was announced on Friday:

24 September: Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This will be the fourth concert a-ha have played at Luna Park. In 1991 the band did two concerts at the venue, while in 2010 they opened the Ending on a High Note Tour there, in front of 10,000 people.

“An incredible audience. We were carried forward on a wave of South American madness”, Magne said after the 2010 opening show. Now it looks like they may be opening the Cast In Steel Tour at Luna Park as well.

There will also be several other tour dates in South America in September/October, following Buenos Aires and Rio. This according to an Aftenposten article.

The beginning of the end…

Buenos Aires, March 4th

Buenos Aires, March 4th

a-ha opened their “Ending on a High Note” Farewell Tour in front of 10.000 people in a sold-out Luna Park concert hall in Buenos Aires last night. This was also the first a-ha concert in Argentina since 1991.

The intro music that opened the concert was Tchaikovsky’s “Serenade in C major”, which was used for the first time in nine years. In 2000/2001 this classical piece was the intro on most of the concerts on the MEMS tour.

The setlist was quite long – 22 songs – but the only real surprise was “We’re Looking For The Whales”, which was played live for the first time since the 80s. One could perhaps have expected something different than the usual live songs and hits since the band have promised special concerts for the fans on this farewell tour. But hopefully they will change it up a little after a while.

The order of the songs was original, though. Starting with two songs from Foot Of The Mountain, the set continued chronologically backwards by album, except for an acoustic set in the middle with “Early Morning” and “And You Tell Me”.

Here is the full setlist (with links to YouTube-clips):

Morten on stage in Buenos Aires

Morten on stage in Buenos Aires

1. The Bandstand
2. Foot Of The Mountain
3. Analogue
4. Forever Not Yours
5. Summer Moved On
6. Move To Memphis
7. Crying In The Rain
8. Stay On These Roads
9. The Blood That Moves The Body
10. The Living Daylights
11. Early Morning
12. And You Tell Me
13. Scoundrel Days
14. Cry Wolf
15. We’re Looking For The Whales
16. Manhattan Skyline
17. I’ve Been Losing You
18. Living A Boys Adventure Tale
19. Hunting High And Low
20. Train Of Thought
21. The Sun Always Shines On TV
22. Take On Me

Magne and Morten talked to Aftenposten after the concert. Here’s a translation for you:

An incredible audience. We were carried forward on a wave of South American madness. This was a great gig, and now the party has begun. The ball is rolling, and we’ll just have to hold on to it.

Paul on stage in Buenos Aires (See more pictures by on Flickr)

Paul on stage in Buenos Aires
(See more pictures by on Flickr)

Yeah, it turned out to be a really fun gig. We played here 19 years ago and experienced exactly the same back then. This was as good a start of the tour as we could have hoped for, and that makes me pleased and relieved. Because it’s not guaranteed to work like that, an opening concert is always connected with uncertainty.

We won’t get another chance to present this show for people in Argentina, obviously. This was the last chance, so we went full steam ahead and it worked.

It also has to do with us having so much experience and professional instincts. Even though we had a lot of technical difficulties in the preparations leading up to the concert, we just won’t tolerate that things aren’t working on the night itself. Quite simply. The fact that this is live, where anything can happen, helps to keep us focused.

Local reviews:
MSN Argentina     Pagina 12
Rolling Stone Argentina

Since tomorrow’s concert in Santiago has been cancelled, the next concert will be in Bauru, Brazil on Tuesday.

“- This is a tour that just keeps growing and growing”

a-ha at Plaza de la Republica in Buenos Aires yesterday

a-ha at Plaza de la Republica in Buenos Aires yesterday

An interview with a-ha in Buenos Aires appeared in several Norwegian newspapers today.

I have translated some of it:

Morten about the fans who were waiting at the airport and outside their hotel:
For us, this is only fun. The fans over here are so calm and polite that it’s a sheer delight.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

And these people are the reason why we have returned to South America now. These aren’t gigs that we earn much money doing, it’s concerts that have been booked as much with the heart as with the brain, because these countries had to be included when we decided to end our career with a big tour. The fans here have always been incredibly loyal, with a strong passion for the band.

Magne about the cancelled concert in Santiago:
We don’t want to intrude in a time of disaster and chaos, but we also don’t want to disappoint the fans who are waiting to see a-ha one final time. This time we can’t exactly say “we’ll be back”, so that’s why we will schedule a new concert date over there. The fans deserve it.

Magne about the Farewell tour:
This is a tour that just keeps growing and growing, so it will be a challenging task for us, especially Morten.

But I feel that we are well prepared to go on the road again. There are many things about a-ha that are better now. Last year I felt that we were more united and focused than ever before. The fact that this is the last time is just cool, and that’s the only proper attitude here and now.

Morten and some local fans

Morten and some local fans

We have always been a band that’s kept moving forward, without taking the time to celebrate ourselves. We’re getting a golden opportunity to do that now. That’s a positive feeling to start the tour with, and even though it’s been an odd roller coaster ride at times, this is reminiscent of the same feeling we had when we started out.

We all have our individual projects, and a-ha has been very demanding in the busy periods. I can feel a sting of sadness, but also a feeling of freedom. Now we’ll close a chapter and open the horizon for something new. To picture a clear, blue sky is a good feeling.

And it’s not like we’re sitting here and planning the hangover on December 5th. We’ll have to get through the party first.

a-ha arrive in Buenos Aires

a-ha arriving in Buenos Aires, 2 March (Pictures from the "Wildest Dream" a-ha fanclub)

a-ha arriving in Buenos Aires, 2 March
(Pictures from the “Wildest Dream” a-ha fanclub)

Morten and Magne arrived in Buenos Aires last night, after a flight from Oslo via Frankfurt, and were met by fans at the airport. Paul had arrived from New York earlier in the day.

The website of the Argentine a-ha fanclub “Wildest Dream” has some pictures of the band members arriving here.

The Farewell Tour starts with a concert at Luna Park in Buenos Aires tomorrow.

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