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Apparatjik perform in Graz

Apparatjik did their sixth performance of the year last Saturday at the Orpheum in Graz, Austria, as part of the Steirischer Herbst Festival.

This time, only Magne and Jonas were present of the original Apparatjik members. Instead of Guy and Martin, they were joined by Tobias Wilner (vocals) and Bo Rande (trumpet) from the Danish band Blue Foundation. A picture of the quartet in “combat disco” outfits has been posted on Facebook.

The set included a few new songs, which can be heard on YouTube:
Clip 1    Clip 2    Clip 3    Clip 4

More video clips are available here, here and here.

According to a fan on the apparatchick forum, Magne told her that this was probably the last time they performed inside the cube. He also said that musically he’ll only be focusing on Apparatjik in the coming year, although it will be a while until the four of them meet up to work together again.

BTW, earlier in the week, Magne did an e-mail interview (in his usual “witty” style) with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, which has been posted here.

(Thanks to “Mortianas” and Denise for videos and info)

Apparatjik to perform in Austria

Apparatjik have announced that they are playing a concert at the Steirischer Herbst Festival of new art in Graz, Austria on October 15th.

The festival’s website is available in English here.


Magne is also planning new solo exhibitions this fall. At the workshop in Halle last month he told a fan that there will be an exhibition in Oslo, followed by one in London. Sometime between September and November, but the exact dates had not been set.

The retrospective art book Magne Furuholmen – In Transit, which was originally to be published on May 31st, now has September 6th as a new publication date (in Norway) – possibly to coincide with the upcoming exhibition.

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