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The Voice premieres in Norway

The Norwegian version of talent contest The Voice premiered on TV2 last night, with Magne as one of the four mentors.

The whole thing opened with the mentors performing Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, and there’s a video clip of the performance on

Magne ended up with one talent for his team in the first episode; Martin Halla, who sang Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”.

The premiere was well-received by both the viewers and the press, with ‘5 out of 6’ ratings from VG and Dagbladet and a lot of positive feedback in social media.

Update: The whole 1 hour 10 minute show now seems to be available for free on here.


In an interview with Dagbladet on Thursday, Magne said that he doesn’t regret taking part in the show:

“Many people around me have felt that I didn’t need to take the chance of doing this [show]. But if I hadn’t, someone else – potentially less suited – would have done it instead.”

“I have more experience than most people when it comes to this business and operating on an international level. Why shouldn’t I be able to share of that experience?”

“I hope I’ll encounter someone that I’ll want to nurture musically, and in a longer perspective than just this TV project.”

“If we’re able to create an international success, that would be the absolute coolest thing that could happen in my life at the moment”, Magne says.


In connection with The Voice, Magne has also set up an official Twitter account (@mfuruholmen), which he will use mainly in connection with the show and the talents he’ll choose. During the show, messages written in advance will appear on the TV-screen and on Twitter simultanously.

In his first message, he wrote (translated):

“help, now I’ve also joined twitter! i’m mainly intending to use it to promote my talents. all the weird stuff is elsewhere.”

So expect most of his messages to be in Norwegian, for the time being.


There will be 18 episodes of The Voice in total; blind auditions (7 episodes), battle rounds (6 episodes) and live shows (5 episodes). The final show takes place on May 25th.

Video clip: first preview of The Voice

Magne says:
“My goal is to find an artist with international potential, a super talent. But if that doesn’t work out, I’ll settle for just winning the contest”.

This promo clip appeared on the official The Voice Facebook page.

The Voice premiere date

The four mentors on the Norwegian version of The Voice: Sondre Lerche, Magne Furuholmen, Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam.

TV2 has now announced the premiere date of The Voice – Norges Beste Stemme, which is Friday 27 January 2012.

Another four taping dates have also been announced:

Wednesday 25 January
Thursday 26 January
Monday 30 January
Tuesday 31 January

The first episodes, focusing on the initial blind auditions, were taped earlier this month. Apparently, the audience also got to see an “exclusive mentor performance”.

The episodes taping at the end of January will feature duels between the contestants.

If you live in the Oslo area, info on how to get tickets can be found at

Magne ready for talent show “The Voice”

Sondre Lerche, Magne, Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam. (Picture by TV2)

Magne will be one of the mentors on the Norwegian version of the talent show “The Voice”, TV2 revealed at a press conference in Oslo today.

Joining him as mentors are Sondre Lerche, songwriter Hanne Sørvaag and Yosef Wolde-Mariam from Madcon.

“I agreed to do it because the show is about backing someone that you believe in and trying to give them the best possible conditions. I want to support the talents I believe in and give them an opportunity to shine. This is a big difference from other talent shows, because in “The Voice” we’ll follow the talents and try to further develop their own style”, Magne says.

Magne was aware of the American version of the show, which aired on NBC earlier this year, before he was approached by TV2 in Norway:

“I was offered to write a song for the guy who won “The Voice” in the US, so I already had some experience with the show before TV2 asked me. That meant that I was more open to be a part of it”, he tells VG.

He has said no to several other talent shows in the past, but feels that “The Voice” is a different concept:

“In the past I have said no to everyone that’s asked. I don’t like the type of talent shows that have been shown on Norwegian TV before. But this time all the focus will be on the voice and the talent. There won’t be any ridicule of people who think they can sing, without really having any talent. The selection process is done in advance, so our job is simply to choose the ones we really believe in.”

Sondre Lerche also has a good impression of the concept:

“I agreed to do “The Voice” because I have seen the show in the US and I really like it because it’s a constructive talent show. It’s about the music and the process. I think it’s cool to be involved in other people’s projects, I know the value of giving people a chance”, Lerche says.

More articles and pictures about Magne and other mentors have been posted at and Dagbladet.

“The Voice” will air on TV2 in Norway sometime next spring, while the pre-auditions are starting on October 12th. The winner gets a record deal with Universal.

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