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The Voice – episode 11 and 12

Here are last week’s duels on Magne’s team in episode 11 of The Voice:
Kathrine Fugllien vs. Yvonne Walderhaug (performing “Erase/Rewind”)
Ruben Gundersen vs. Martin Halla (performing “Keep on Walking”)

And the duel from episode 12 yesterday:
Heidi Blåsmo Frantzen vs. Marianne Pentha (performing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”).

In next week’s episode, Magne will need to reduce the number of talents on his team from seven to five, through a sing-off contest. And those five will then be ready for the live shows, starting on April 27th.

The Voice – episode 3

Three new talents joined Team Magne in the third episode of The Voice on Friday.

Their blind auditions can be seen here: 
Heidi   Ruben   Tini

Magne has proven to be popular among the contestants and has ended up with 8 talents on his team so far. Hanne has 6, while Sondre and Yosef both have 5 talents on their teams.

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