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Morten on Skavlan

Morten on Skavlan, January 31st

Morten on Skavlan, January 31st

Morten was one of the guests on Skavlan tonight, alongside Gordon Ramsay and Sir Kenneth Branagh. The show was taped in London last week.

Morten was the last guest to come on, for a brief interview. Following a conversation about Branagh being knighted and Ramsay receiving an OBE, Morten was asked about the fact that he’s been knighted as well:

Morten singing "Brother", with Sir Kenneth Branagh listening.

Morten singing “Brother”, with Sir Kenneth Branagh listening

“It’s a strange thing. Mainly because we grow up in a society where equality is hugely important. I wouldn’t say it’s forced upon you, but we are all the same. We don’t have a class system in Norway, so it’s a strange thing to bring in knights. I think that’s one of the elements of it. But to be recognized like that is also a very nice thing. Because it’s well meant. And I suppose it’s well thought through – I would hope. So I can’t say that I think it’s wrong. I don’t know what I think about it. But it’s not the same as being knighted in England.”

Fredrik Skavlan also asked Morten about his strongest memory of the early days of a-ha in London, thirty years ago:

“Just getting there. The days before [the breakthrough]. All the anticipation and that bubbly sort of joy, where you knew it was going to happen. And it hadn’t happened yet. I think that was the best time in some ways. Of course it doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate it, but when [fame] hits you it’s like a train. And you’re not on it – you’re under it.”

At the end of the show he performed a shortened, acoustic version of “Brother”, accompanied by Peter Kvint on guitar.

The episode can be seen at

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