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NDR2 and Brisant interviews

Interviewed on Brisant, March 30th

Morten has now done around 20 various media interviews in Germany this week.

Today he was a guest on NDR2 Radio in Hamburg, where he was met by a few contest winners.

Host Elke Wiswedel wanted to know if he’s able to connect with a live audience on a personal level when he’s doing concerts.

“What I would say is that I am not an entertainer. I am an engager. That is what is interesting for me, and it’s what attracts me to music. I’m not a sing and dance man, in a way. So it is intimate, it’s personal, it becomes private very quickly. And I am fascinated by this. So I do think that it is true that there is a personal level of contact, kind of with everyone there. But you can’t distinguish it”, Morten said.

There is a photo gallery from the radio visit at, along with a short audio clip from the interview.

While at the radio station, he was also interviewed by TV news show Brisant. A video clip of the report can be seen here.

Afterwards, he decided to visit the Planten un Blomen botanical garden in Hamburg, with newspaper BILD. A short interview is now up on BILD‘s website.

The single “Scared of Heights” was released in Germany today. The music video can now be seen in high quality on YouTube, and don’t forget to order the CD single from

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