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Studio 1 concert at NRK

The stage at Studio 1 yesterday, with Morten's Everly Brothers guitar ready. (Picture by Valerie)

The stage at Studio 1 yesterday, with Morten’s Everly Brothers guitar at the front. (Picture by Valerie)

Morten performed seven songs at NRK’s studio 1 in Oslo last night, for an audience of around 200 people. The set included three songs from the new album that we haven’t heard before. They were actually so fresh that the band only heard them for the first time two days ago, Morten told the audience.

Morten was in a great mood, very relaxed and making jokes on stage, while the new songs sounded like something off “Wild Seed” – only better. The vocal performance was excellent. All this according to a fan who attended the show.

The band was the same he used at Spellemannprisen last month, except for a new bassist.

Here’s the set list, as posted on Morten’s Facebook page:

1. Brother
2. Do you remember me
3. Spanish Steps
4. Safe with me
5. Whispering heart
6. A kind of Christmas card
7. There is a place

In addition, “Brother” and “Do You Remember Me” were performed twice, in order to get the best possible shots for TV. The interview segments were apparently done on Sunday. NRK producer Stig Karlsen has posted a photo from the filming on Instagram.

The 30-minute show will air April 9th on NRK2, as part of the third season of the concert series Studio 1. This will coincide nicely with the album release, which is now confirmed to be April 11th.

Update: A photo gallery from the concert has now been posted on Studio 1’s Facebook page. Judging from the photos the new bassist seems to be Lars Danielsson from Denmark, who plays together with Per Lindvall in the band StudioTan and various other projects.

Morten to perform at NRK’s Studio 1

Studio 1 logo

Studio 1 logo

Morten will be doing an exclusive live performance at NRK’s Studio 1 in Oslo on February 24th, the official site announced today.

The 30-minute show will be broadcast April 9th on NRK2, as part of the third season of the concert series Studio 1. Typically, each artist performs five songs, with backstage interview clips shown in between. Other acts performing on the upcoming season will include Thomas Dybdahl, Sivert Høyem, Ingrid Olava and TNT.

120 free tickets for Morten’s Studio 1 performance were available last night from, but they all seem to be gone by now.

As for Morten’s performance of his new single “Brother” at Spellemannprisen 2013 in Stavanger today, it seems that NRK1’s live broadcast will be streamed worldwide through Morten will perform in the Fartein Valen orchestra hall, the largest auditorium in Stavanger’s new concert hall, during the second half of the show, which starts at 9:50pm (local time).

New TV documentary about Magne

The weekly culture programme Nasjonalgalleriet on NRK2 in Norway will broadcast what appears to be a new half-hour documentary about Magne’s work as a visual artist on November 7th.

Here is the description from NRK’s website:

“Documentary about Magne Furuholmen. An old and dented trumpet that has been through a dramatic airplane crash, used and blood-stained hospital sheets, and a story of sceptisism and resistance. Get to know the artist Magne Furuholmen in tonight’s Nasjonalgalleriet.”

The trumpet refers to his father Kåre’s instrument, which was recovered after the airplane crash in 1969 where Magne’s father and four other members of his band died. In the early years of his art career, between 1989 and 1994, Magne carried the trumpet case with him everywhere, and used his father’s handwritten sheets of music inside the case as the main inspiration for his breakthrough exhibition Kutt in 1995.

The hospital sheets mentioned in the description is something Magne has used as canvases for several years, seen in exhibitions like Monologues, Camera and now Futura Plus.

This new documentary in Nasjonalgalleriet is not to be confused with John Sullivan’s half-hour NRK documentary Billedkunstneren Magne Furuholmen from 2004, which followed Magne’s process of working with glass paintings and ceramic jars between 2001 and 2003.

Nasjonalgalleriet is repeated November 9th on NRK1 and November 12th on NRK2.

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