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Morten: – Life after a-ha is exciting

“Queen goes a long way back for me”, Morten said at the premiere of “We Will Rock You”.
(Picture by Heiko Junge/Scanpix)

Morten and Inez attended the Oslo premiere of the Queen-musical “We Will Rock You” at Folketeatret tonight.

Freddie Mercury’s style of singing was a major influence on Morten as a teenager, and he’s been known to perform songs like “Love Of My Life” and “Killer Queen” on several occasions.

Freddie Mercury was one of the vocalists I tried to sound like when I first started singing“, Morten told Dagbladet on the red carpet.

He hit me when I was around 15-16, during a period when I was really developing [as a singer], and I walked the streets trying to sing like him and Johnny Cash. That’s how I became what I am.

Morten was also asked about his current plans after a-ha.

What I’m going to do now? The possibilities are endless. But reality itself sets the limits, you could say that being creative is about setting certain limits.

The end of a-ha is not sad at all“, he added in a short interview with TV2. “It’s great to have the time to do something different“.

Morten is also interviewed in this video clip on VGTV.

Original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor also attended the premiere in Oslo, and May was expected to perform at the end of the show.

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