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Brasilia, Recife and Fortaleza concerts

Aquaville Resort, Fortaleza, 10 October (Picture by Alberth Palhares)

Aquaville Resort, Fortaleza, 10 October
(Picture by Alberth Palhares)

The Brazilian tour has continued this week, with indoor concerts in Brasilia and Recife, and an outdoor concert in Fortaleza. It sounds like a-ha are getting a phenomenal reception in Brazil this time, playing to appreciative audiences at sold-out venues, with good press reviews.

The band has been changing the setlist slightly at each show. In Brasilia they opened with “I’ve Been Losing You”, while in Recife “The Wake” was the opener. In Fortaleza the opening song was “Cast In Steel”, which was performed live for the first time in Brasilia four days earlier. The audience in Fortaleza also got to hear the live debut of “Mythomania”.

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Brazilian tour announced

On tour in Brazil again...

On tour in Brazil again…

Five a-ha tour dates in Brazil this October were announced today, bringing the total number of concerts on the Cast In Steel tour up to 35.

These additional dates will be taking place after the concerts in Buenos Aires and at Rock In Rio:

6 October: Net Live, Brasilia
8 October: Chevrolet Hall, Recife
10 October: Aquaville Resort, Fortaleza
14 October: Espaço das Américas, São Paulo
15 October: Master Hall, Curitiba

The concert in Curitiba will be the first time a-ha perform in that city.

Ticket info from

There will be a sponsor pre-sale starting on July 13 for all dates. The regular on-sale date is July 15 for all shows except Brasilia, which goes on sale to the public on July 16.

In other news, Universal Germany has revealed a new cover image for the “Under The Makeup”-single. The first cover image turned out to be way too similar to the cover of Italian singer Victor’s 2014 single “I’m a Renegade”, so it had to be replaced (albeit with yet another generic stock image):

New single cover

New single cover

Recife concert

Morten was flown by helicopter to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Morten was flown by helicopter to a local hospital where
he was diagnosed with pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Because of his throat infection Morten’s voice was in even worse shape last night in Recife. Therefore the setlist was shortened by another two songs, leaving out “Summer Moved On” and “The Swing Of Things”.

Despite undergoing medical treatment in a local hospital earlier in the day, Morten was almost voiceless when the band entered the stage at the Chevrolet Hall nearly an hour late, as you can see in this clip.

The air conditioning was reportedly switched off in the venue, which made the temperature unbearably hot. But his voice did seem to get better later in the concert.

Under different circumstances the show would perhaps have been cancelled, to prevent any damage to his vocal chords that could affect future concerts, but I guess since it’s the Farewell Tour with little chance of rescheduling they went ahead anyway.

“I’ve lost my voice, as you can hear, but I don’t want to cancel the show. So you need to help me”, Morten told the crowd before “Minor Earth Major Sky”.

The setlist:

1. The Bandstand
2. Foot Of The Mountain
3. Analogue
4. Forever Not Yours
5. Minor Earth Major Sky
6. Move To Memphis
7. The Blood That Moves The Body
8. Stay On These Roads
9. The Living Daylights
10. Crying In The Rain
11. Scoundrel Days
12. Manhattan Skyline
13. I’ve Been Losing You
14. We’re Looking For The Whales
15. Cry Wolf
16. Hunting High And Low
17. The Sun Always Shines On TV
18. Take On Me

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