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FFH and RPR1 radio interviews

Outside the FFH studios, March 28th 
(Picture by Silvia)

Morten continued the radio interviews in Germany yesterday.

In the morning he was a guest on FFH Radio in Bad Vilbel, where he was interviewed by Felix Moese. There are some photos from the visit on Outside the studio he was met by a group of fans. There is a gallery of photos on Flickr, taken by Silvia.

Later in the day he appeared on RPR1 Radio in Ludwigshafen with host Julian Krafftzig, where he was joined in the studio by two  fans who had won meet and greet tickets.

When asked about the lyrical topics on the new album, Morten said:

“Well, you don’t really have an agenda in topics. Maybe some people do. I never believe really, in telling people what to do. Topics are what life is about. So it will be existential issues. It will be obviously love, which is a central one, of this. Self-awareness. There is one exception to this, on this album. There is a political song, “Burn Money Burn”, which is really a song about values. But in general I don’t really believe in propaganda as a way. I believe in propaganda in that it works, I just don’t like the results of that. I believe in engaging people, trying to get people engaged in things that I think are important. But you need to find your own way. And that goes for all people.”

Audio clips and pictures from the RPR1 interview can be found at

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