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Russian dates confirmed

New promo picture

The six previously known Morten Harket concert dates in Russia have now been confirmed on Morten’s official Facebook page – plus a seventh concert in the city of Tyumen.

Tickets have already been on sale for weeks, though (as is often the case in some countries).

Here are all the dates and venues:

16 April: Palace of Sport, Krasnoyarsk
18 April: Circus, Novosibirsk
20 April: Palace of Sport, Omsk
21 April: Palace of Sport, Tyumen
22 April: Concert Hall, Yekaterinburg
24 April: Crocus City Hall, Moscow
26 April: Little Ice Palace, St. Petersburg

This brings the total number of concerts on Morten’s 2012 tour up to 18 – with more to come.

The tour may start in South America in February/March, but those dates have not been announced yet.

Russian tour dates?

According to the ticket site, Morten will do a concert in Moscow on April 24th. Tickets are supposedly already on sale.

After contacting concert promoter Andrei Agapov, Russian fans were told there will be an additional five concerts in the country.

Here are all the dates:

16 April: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
18 April: Novosibirsk, Russia
20 April: Omsk, Russia
22 April: Yekaterinburg, Russia
24 April: Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia
26 April: St. Petersburg, Russia

But please remember that these are all unconfirmed for now…

New dates / Morten in Classic Rock Magazine

The July concert at Clam Castle near Linz has now been confirmed by The first of the Russian concerts in November has also been officially confirmed:

16 July: Clam Castle, Linz, Austria
09 November: Olimpiysky Arena, Moscow, Russia


There was an interview with Morten in a recent issue of Classic Rock Magazine, where he talks about discovering his “prog heroes” Uriah Heep in the mid-70s.

Heep meant everything to me in those years – on records like Magician’s Birthday, Demons and Wizards and, of course, Wonderworld, their songwriting was so very good – and I still feel the same way“, Morten says.

A scan of the magazine feature can be found on the official Uriah Heep website here.


And Brazilian fan Alek Quissak has made a video tribute to the band and wanted me to post the link:

There you go, Alek.

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