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Morten to visit Brazil / Private performance

Morten performing with a-ha in Rio, 2009. 
This time he's going on his own.

Some info from

“Morten will be in Rio de Janeiro on January 29 to celebrate the completion of his new solo album and reconnect with the South American fans! There will be a Q&A where Morten will answer questions from the fans, followed by a meet & greet opportunity.”

The event will be held at the FNAC Bookstore in Rio. Please visit for ticket details. recently had an interview with Norwegian singer/songwriter Tom Hugo Hermansen, who released his debut album Sundry Tales earlier this month.

In addition to his solo project, Hermansen is also a member of the covers band Radiojam. The interview mentions that Radiojam was once hired as a backing band for Morten at a private event.

“He came to Kristiansand to rehearse with us, and he wanted an authentic feel to it. So we rehearsed in an old, worn-down rehearsal room at Samsen Kulturhus. Playing with Morten was great, and I’d be happy to do it again”, Hermansen says.

“And he liked my EP and said it was annoyingly good. Annoying because there are always new artists trying to challenge his own music. But I have quite a while to go until I’m on Harket’s level.”

The interview doesn’t specify exactly when this performance took place, but the EP Hermansen mentions was released in 2009.

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