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Morten to perform in Vennesla – UPDATED

Performing at the Haydom fundraiser in 2009

Morten performing “A Change Is Gonna Come” at the Haydom fundraiser in 2009

Next Sunday, August 18th, Morten will once again be performing with his relatives in the Harket Choir at the annual fundraiser meeting to support Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania.

The fundraiser takes place in Vennesla in Southern Norway, outdoors in a garden owned by Morten’s uncle. Several hundred people show up each year for the event.

Morten has previously performed at the Haydom fundraiser in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2011. In 2009 he also did a mini solo-concert, in addition to singing with the Harket Choir.

Update, August 19th: Although Morten was scheduled to take part, he did not appear at the Haydom fundraiser after all (for reasons unknown). But the Harket Choir performed without him and 104000 kroner was raised for the Haydom hospital.

Morten sings in Vennesla

Morten and various family members singing at the Haydom fundraiser in 2007. His father Reidar by the piano.

Morten was in Vennesla in Southern Norway on Sunday, August 14th, to sing Christian hymns together with Harket Mannssangforening (The Harket Men’s Choir) at the annual fundraiser meeting to support Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania.

Morten has performed at this event a number of times in recent years (see August 10th, 2009 news update). He first joined the choir in 2003, after his uncle Kjell passed away.

“This choir is a continuation of a quartet that my father and other relatives had many years ago. Now we have taken this up again. Our only scheduled appearance is singing at this Haydom fundraiser”, Morten told newspaper Vårt Land when he performed at the same event in 2007.

“The history of Haydom is a story about an impressive effort done by idealistic people. With limited means they have managed to build a hospital that’s become important to a lot of people. If I, with my voice, can do something to support this work, I’m there”, he added.

No reports or pictures from this year’s event have appeared in the local press so far.

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