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Morten starts German promo tour

Morten in Munich, March 24th (Picture by Cermisi)

Morten in Munich, March 24th
(Picture by Cermisi)

Morten started his German promo tour in Munich yesterday, where he visited the studio of radio station BR3. In the interview, which was broadcast today and now available on, he was asked about the melancholic feel of “Brother”:

“Melancholy is seen as sad by some people, whilst for other people it’s a way of reflecting on things that have value to you. But “Brother” is kind of a war song at the same time; you are you, and you have the right to become you. And no one has the right to prevent or to stop that from happening. If I’m interested in you, I don’t want to change you into becoming something I like, so to speak. I should just welcome anything that you want to do to become you”, Morten said.

Today he was in Stuttgart for an interview with SWR1, which can be heard on It included the premiere of the full version of “Do You Remember Me?”, which is the second single off the album. There is also a gallery of photos on SWR1’s Facebook page.

He also visited Radio 7 in Ulm today, where a lucky contest winner had a chance to sing “Brother” together with Morten. Interview clips, along with a YouTube video and photo gallery have been posted on

Several other interviews have been taped and will air in the coming days and weeks.

The promo tour, which continues with radio, TV and newspaper interviews for the rest of the week, will apparently also visit Baden-Baden, Mannheim and Hannover.

Night of the Proms radio broadcast

Morten on stage in Munich this weekend (Photo from

Morten on stage in Munich this weekend
(Photo from

A selection of live highlights from Night of the Proms 2013 were broadcast on the German radio station Bayern 3 last night.

Four of Morten’s songs were included; “Foot of the Mountain” / “Stay on These Roads” / “Did I Leave You Behind” / “The Sun Always Shines on TV” – plus “Hey Jude” together with the other artists. “There is a Place” was left out. His performance was recorded in Munich on December 14th.

If you missed the broadcast, here it is:

Morten on TV Total Turmspringen

Olympiahalle, Munich, November 24th

Morten was in Munich last night, where he did a playback performance of “I’m The One” on Pro 7’s TV Total Turmspringen. This is the same celebrity diving show that a-ha appeared on three years ago.

The performance can be seen at

In an interview with before the show, Morten says that he’d rather just focus on the next album:

“I’m in a strange situation. I just released a new single, but my heart and thoughts are with my next album, which I’m currently recording. When you release something, you have an obligation to stay in the consciousness of the audience and the media. Which contradicts my obligation towards my own honesty and creativity. Something tells me that I shouldn’t be doing any promo. At the moment, my heart is not in it. Out Of My Hands is like an old wife. I don’t want to meet her, because I’m in love with what’s happening now. This is my dilemma.”

He is also asked if he’ll try to distance himself a bit more from the synth-heavy a-ha sound on the next album:

“No. Because in the minds of the audience, I’m so strongly connected with the band’s history.”

“I’m The One” is now available in Germany as a download-only 2-track single, which includes an alternative version of the song. It’s also available as a 2-track single + music video.

Munich concert, April 30th

No surprises in the setlist at the Kesselhaus venue in Munich on Monday, it seems.

There are some pictures from the concert on this blog.

YouTube clips

Morten tour dates 2012 confirmed

Info about four Morten Harket solo concerts in Germany and Switzerland in April/May 2012 were revealed (prematurely) by a German ticket agency today.

Following the info leak, Morten’s management decided to officially confirm the dates, Andrea at says.

These are the dates (so far):

30 April 2012: Munich, Germany
2 May 2012: Volkshaus Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
4 May 2012: Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Düsseldorf, Germany
6 May 2012: Berlin, Germany

More venue and ticket info to follow…


Update: The Swiss promo agency Good News have posted some info about the Zurich concert and a new promo picture on their website.

According to the website, which cites Universal, the album is now slated for a February 2012 release.

Tour update / Media links

a-ha in Basel, 17 October 2010

Basel, 17 October
(Picture from

The band played for 5000 people at the Stadthalle in Rostock yesterday, after having said farewell to audiences in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Basel, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Lepzig during the last couple of weeks.

The setlist seems to have remained the same at every gig so far.

For extensive fan coverage of each concert, with links to picture galleries, video clips and more – visit the tour forum on WOTM.


Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Munich 18 October 2010

Munich, 18 October
(Picture from

Yet another date has been added for the final week in Oslo. This very last (?) addition to the tour schedule takes place on 30 November and tickets go on sale on Tuesday, 26 October.


Jimmy Gnecco has announced in a blog entry on his official website that he’ll be supporting a-ha at all the 10 UK dates in November as well.


BBC Radio 2 broadcast parts of the Royal Albert Hall concert on Thursday night; the whole HHAL album + 3 songs from SD. The broadcast is available for a few more days on the BBC website. Or you can find details on how to download a high-quality recording made by Chris on WOTM.


The German website has a 12-minute video interview with Morten that was recorded back in July. It can be seen here.


And it turns out the radio interview that Jian Ghomeshi did with the band for Studio Q on CBC in Canada on 14 May was also filmed. The whole 43-minute interview can be watched in HD on Q TV’s YouTube channel.

Platinum awards / Echo nomination / Apparatjik album release

a-ha receiving platinum awards in Munich, January 15th

a-ha receiving platinum awards in Munich, January 15th

While in Munich to perform at the Bavarian Movie Awards on January 15th, a-ha were presented with platinum awards for selling more than 200 000 copies of Foot Of The Mountain in Germany, trade publication MusikWoche reports.

Considering the fact that “no one” buys CDs anymore, this is an impressive number. The album is still in the Top 100 German album chart after 31 weeks, currently at number 65.


More news from Germany: a-ha have been nominated in the “Best international group”-category for this year’s Echo Awards, which will take place in Berlin on March 4th.

The other nominees are U2, Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas and Razorlight. a-ha will not be able to attend the award show, as they are opening their farewell tour in Buenos Aires on that day.


In Norway the nominations for this year’s Spellemann Awards were announced yesterday, but a-ha did not get any nominations for their final album.


Producer and Apparatjik member Martin Terefe has posted a news update on his official website which says that the long-awaited Apparatjik album will be released on the same day as the band’s debut concert in Berlin next Monday, February 1st.

Since there has been no info about a CD release, it’s fair to assume that the album will be available only as a digital download.


Some info about last week’s Pupparatjik workshop in Trondheim can now be found here. One of the students who participated has shared some of his thoughts on the Apparatchick forum and he has also posted a set of pictures on Flickr.

And of course you can see the results of the workshop at

TV-performance: “The Dome”

Morten on stage in Munich last night.

a-ha performed “Foot Of The Mountain” at the 50th edition of the music show “The Dome” last night, which was taped at the Olympiahalle in Munich.

Other acts performing included the Norwegian Eurosong-winner Alexander Rybak, Black Eyed Peas and Pet Shop Boys.

The show will be broadcast on RTL2 on 30 May.

And “Foot Of The Mountain” is included on a double CD called The Dome Vol.50, which is released in connection with the show on 29 May. The song is also included on a 3-CD limited edition version of the release.

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