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Stolper + Friends gallery to close next month

Magne in front of the gallery

Magne in front of the gallery

Stolper + Friends, the Oslo art gallery that Magne co-owns together with Paul Stolper and Hugo Opdal, is set to close its doors by the end of the year.

“Our owners have ongoing projects all over the world, and we have decided to close down the gallery. The company will continue, but we will instead focus on so-called “pop-up” exhibitions around Oslo”, daily manager Kate Smith tells Dagens Næringsliv’s paper edition.

The gallery opened in September 2011 and has featured artists such as Peter Blake and Damien Hirst, in addition to Magne’s own projects. His Norwegian Wood sales exhibition, which ended this past weekend, was almost completely sold out.

“Our exhibitions have been successfull, but our rental agreement at Tjuvholmen ends in December, so we decided to close down”, Smith says.

The gallery’s last exhibition will be Art Under Pressure (8 Nov. – 22 Dec.), a smaller version of the Atelje Larsen group exhibtion which was held in Helsingborg, Sweden two years ago. Magne and Apparatjik are among the artists represented.

Lowell and Magne jam session

Lowell and Magne, July 3rd (Screenshot from Vine clip)

Lowell and Magne, July 3rd
(Screenshot from Vine clip)

Elizabeth Boland – aka Lowell – did a week-long music and art workshop at Stolper + Friends in Oslo earlier this month, following her concerts at the Go With The Flø festival. Entitled Sex cells – sound and vision under the influence, the workshop was held between 1 – 7 July.

Here’s a quote from her Facebook page:

“Many people came out to the concerts at night, and one night we had Robyn Hitchcock (The Soft Boys) with Norwegian indie rock band “I was a King”. One day we also had a stunning violin duo playing violin and the saw along with me. Other days, Magne F (a-ha, Apparatjik) and I jammed out for hours on various distortion instruments until our fingers were tired.”

Over the last week, Lowell has been posting audio clips on Soundcloud from the two-hour jam session she did with Magne on July 3rd. Here are the links:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Other links:
Lowell Facebook pageSex cells info and gallery
Art on Canvas blog – pictures from Lowell workshop
Northern Transmissions – interview with Lowell about working with Apparatjik

Magne in N Magazine

Picture from N Magazine

Picture from N Magazine

Magne is profiled in a 5-page article in the May 2013 issue of airline Norwegian’s in-flight magazine N.

The article focuses on Apparatjik and the Apparatjik Suite, his gallery Stolper + Friends, and the other projects he’s involved with in the new Tjuvholmen art district in Oslo, including mentoring young art students.

The whole interview, which was done by UK writer Lucille Howe at The Thief on March 25th, can be found online here (in English).

a-ha photo exhibition in Oslo

a-ha in New York, fall 2008, while working on the Foot Of The Mountain album 
(Photo by Stian Andersen)

To coincide with the upcoming release of Stian Andersen’s a-ha photo book, there will be a sales exhibition of some of his photos at the Stolper + Friends gallery in Oslo, opening this Thursday, August 30th.

Here’s some info from the gallery:

Book cover

“Stolper + Friends is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by acclaimed music photographer Stian Andersen.

The photographs, documenting both intimate and iconic moments during the last 3 a-ha tours, are taken with analogue film camera – apparent in the grainy, atmospheric quality of the images.

The exhibition comprises 19 unseen photographs from Stian Andersens forthcoming book, a-ha: 1994 – 2010: Photographs, to be launched in September.”

The large photos are available for purchase, each in a limited edition of 5 copies.

The exhibition will be open until September 16th, giving those who are going to Oslo for the 30th Anniversary weekend next month a chance to see it as well.


The pre-sale of the limited edition photo book ends on Saturday, September 1st. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to order the book for several days now, due to technical problems with PayPal. The book is not sold out yet, so hopefully the problems will be fixed soon. Update: the PayPal problems have now been solved, and the pre-sale is working again!

In addition to 200 photos, the book includes a foreword by Magne and an interview with the guys, done by music journalist Morten Ståle Nilsen.

More info in a new 2-part interview with Stian on Part 1   Part 2

Update 2: Additional interviews with Stian, in Norwegian, have now been published at and

Magne presents Sir Peter Blake exhibition

The renowned British artist Sir Peter Blake is in Norway this week, to hold an exhibition of his works at Magne’s gallery Stolper + Friends in Oslo. The exhibition is called The Oslo Suite and is inspired by Norway and famous Norwegians.

Blake has also covered the nearby Shed 13 warehouse with his art, like Damien Hirst did last year.

Yesterday he met the press together with Magne to talk about these projects.

“I think it’s amazing that we have been fortunate enough to have Peter make a whole exhibition based on Norwegian characters, on Norwegian historical figures. And inspired by Norway. I think we should count ourselves very lucky to have Peter here and to have this exhibition happen”, Magne told NRK1’s evening news last night. There’s a video clip here (starts at 12:30).

Peter Blake and Magne in front of the a-ha print (Picture from Dagsavisen)

In addition to prints depicting Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Sonja Henie and Edvard Munch, Blake has also included a print based on a live photo of a-ha from the 80s, taken by Janne Møller-Hansen.

“When I was asked to hold an exhibition here, I wanted to base it on pictures of famous Norwegian people. And since I’m a good friend of Magne, I wanted to include a-ha as well”, Blake tells Dagsavisen.

Magne was perhaps slightly less amused.

“For me it’s difficult to hang a picture of myself on the wall, but this is a choice that he’s made. Based on which Norwegians he’s familiar with. My entire budget for this year’s Christmas presents has now been spent on buying two prints for Morten and Paul”, Magne jokes.

The Oslo Suite opens at Stolper + Friends tonight and will be on display until July 1st.

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Echo opens in Oslo, to great reviews

Some of the monotypes on display at Stolper + Friends 
(Picture from VG)

Magne’s new solo exhibition Echo opened at Stolper + Friends in Oslo yesterday.

It consists of four large monotypes on hospital sheets, originally intended for Futura Plus, and a selection of twelve smaller monotypes on sheets and paper.

Although commercially successfull, Magne’s art hasn’t always been embraced by art critics. But Echo gets a glowing review by VG’s Lars Elton, who gives the exhibition a 5 out of 6 rating and describes Magne as an innovator in his field:

“This is an exhibition that takes the field of art a step further. Not only does Magne Furuholmen really make himself respected, he also moves graphic print techniques forward”, Elton writes.

“(…)Visual games with letters has been a dominating motif for Furuholmen since the 1990s. And you would think this theme had been worn out by now. But with these new works he reaches a new level, partly because the images are visually strong, but first and foremost because the letters and the words they form have been put into a meaningful context.

The works provide a level of seriousness and reflection that evoke emotions. When you add the groundbreaking formats and the innovative technique, this becomes an exhibition that moves the field of art a step forward”, Elton writes in his review.

Echo is on display at Stolper + Friends until January 15th.


Update: Before the official opening, the British Ambassador to Norway, Jane Owen, visited the exhibition. A picture of the ambassador with the three gallerists has been posted on the Stolper + Friends Facebook page.

And a 4-minute video interview with Magne from the opening can be seen at


Update II: Magne attended the launch party for a new Moods of Norway perfume in Oslo a few days later, on November 29th. See a picture from Dagbladet here.

Dance For Daddy documentary

The new documentary Dance For Daddy – a portrait of Magne Furuholmen aired in a special edition of NRK2’s culture programme Nasjonalgalleriet tonight.

The documentary, which was made by Charlotte Thiis-Evensen, follows Magne’s work on the Futura Plus exhibition earlier this year and tells the story of how his father’s tragic death in a plane crash has influenced a lot of his art.

It can be seen on NRK’s web-TV here, where it will be available for one month.

Futura Plus ended up being cancelled, but Magne is opening a new exhibition at Stolper + Friends in Oslo on November 26th called ECHO. The gallery said in a Twitter message to expect “stunning new works on canvas and paper”.

ECHO will be on display until January 15th 2012.

Stolper + Friends launch “Shed 13” project

Magne in front of Shed 13, with Kate Smith (Daily Manager of Stolper + Friends) and Arnt Gøran Hartvig. (Picture from VG)

Stolper + Friends will unveil a new project in Oslo today. As an extension of the current “The Souls” exhibition, a large warehouse at Tjuvholmen called Shed 13 will be covered on two of its sides by six huge butterflies made by Damien Hirst.

“Everyone have been talking about Norway this summer, so this art project with the enormous butterflies can be seen as a nice gesture from Damien Hirst to Norway. (…) I think he felt that having his butterflies on display in super-format, out in the public for everyone to see, was an exciting and different project”, Magne tells VG.

The six butterflies, which measure a total of 1200 square meters, will stay on the walls for one month.

“Shed 13 is the perfect space to make temporary statements of different kinds on a grand scale. We hope this Hirst project is the first of many, from exciting artists from around the world and the other galleries in the area”, Magne said in a press release posted on Stolper + Friends’ Facebook page.


There is also a 2-page interview with Magne in the current issue of art magazine KUNST.

Asked if he now sees himself as a gallerist, he says:

“No. I’m involved as an owner, and I will of course make use of my network of contacts. But I’ll leave the daily operations to Hugo and the gallery workers. I’ll primarily focus on my own art projects, but I do live close by and will step in if there’s a need for it.”

Magne also says that he’s planning a new solo exhibition in December. But he’s not sure what the theme will be yet.


Update: After the lights had been switched on at Shed 13, Magne appeared on NRK’s evening news. The video clip can be seen here.

He was also interviewed by Dagbladet.

Stolper + Friends opens in Oslo

Paul Stolper, Magne and Hugo Opdal in front of Damien Hirst's butterfly paintings 
(Picture from Dagsavisen)

The new gallery Stolper + Friends, which is owned by Paul Stolper, Magne Furuholmen and Hugo Opdal, opens at Tjuvholmen in Oslo tonight with the exhibition “The Souls” by Damien Hirst.

“The reason why I wanted to establish the gallery here, is that Tjuvholmen is a new district still in the making and in constant development. And with the Astrup Fearnley museum opening [next year] and the other galleries already here, I think we’ll get a nice dynamic which will attract many art fans to the area”, Magne told Aftenposten in an interview last week.

Magne’s own exhibition “Futura Plus”, which was supposed to open the gallery but was cancelled after the July 22nd tragedy, will instead be shown in Sweden sometime in November, he tells newspaper Dagsavisen today.

In an article at yesterday, Magne said “Futura Plus” features “words including ‘death’ and ‘accident’, painted on blood-stained sheets collected from hospital autopsy-rooms and similar.”

At Stolper + Friends, “The Souls” is on display until October 2nd and will be followed by an exhibition of sculptures.

More pictures from inside the gallery can be seen here.

Magne explains cancellation

Picture from VG

Magne explains the cancellation of his “Futura Plus” exhibition in today’s VG.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

“I sat there completely numb and glued to the TV screen for a week, inhaling the news about the unbelieveable tragedy at Utøya island and the government quarter. As I gradually started to think ahead, it became clear that it wouldn’t be appropriate to hold my opening exhibition.”

“Drawing from experiences which include my own hospitalizations, I have during this last year been creating works for an exhibition thematically linked to human frailty in general, and hospital settings specifically, with everything that entails of drama, suffering and helplessness. I don’t want to make an exhibition which could be potentially upsetting in this situation.”

For “Futura Plus”, Magne had once again been collecting used bed sheets from various hospitals, to use as canvases.

“I’m not sure if this exhibition will ever be shown. We’ll see.”

“It is ironic that I’m opening my own gallery by cancelling my own exhibition. But that’s the right thing to do now. The paintings have been important for me to create, but it’s not important to show them now.”

Magne has created the new gallery Stolper + Friends together with his UK gallerist Paul Stolper and the Norwegian gallerist Hugo Opdal, who lives at Flø.

“I haven’t really harboured any ambitions to start my own gallery, but I have already been working with Stolper and Opdal for years, and when my previous gallery Trafo closed down last year the idea evolved naturally.”

The gallery’s opening exhibition will now be “The Souls” by Damien Hirst instead.

“The original plan was to show new works by Damien Hirst closer to Christmas, but now we had to do a quick turnaround, and it’s very fitting to show the beautiful butterfly-series “The Souls”, made in collaboration with Paul Stolper, where the butterfly symbolises, among other things, the journey and rebirth of the soul. It’s a much more appropriate association right now”, Magne says.

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