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Tech updates

Sennheiser, the company that provides the microphones and IEM systems for Morten’s solo tour, has posted a new press release on their website which goes into detail about the technical setup currently being used.

The press release includes comments from production manager James Maillardet, monitor engineer Kursten Smith and FOH engineer Gerard Albo.

“The key thing for me when working with Morten – and many other artists for that matter – is consistency. Once we have a system in place that works, I am always keen to replicate it as closely as possible everywhere we go. Being able to carry a full Sennheiser microphone kit and IEM system along with our backline means we can easily achieve the consistency that Morten demands”, Maillardet says.

Gerard Albo is Morten’s FOH engineer for the first time on this tour, and follows Sherif El Barbari (a-ha tours 2009-2010) and the legendary Sven Persson (a-ha tours 2000-2008). Kursten Smith has worked with a-ha and Morten since 2009.

The whole press release is available at


In other news, Magne has bought his third so-called AX24 system from Danish company Digital Audio Denmark.

“We bought our first DAD AX24 systems in summer 2011 for recording and post-production in our Oslo studio. They feed into an Apple Mac workstation running Avid Pro Tools. We were absolutely thrilled by the transparent and natural sound quality of the AX24. My engineer found it hard to believe the recording could so closely match the experience of hearing the live performance.

The third AX24 is being used for recording live stage performances on location. It is configured with eight high-specification mike preamps which make the system ideal for capturing a wide dynamic range. In my book, it is the best solution around today”, Magne says in a press release posted at

The press release also includes a few comments from Magne’s assistant Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen, who seemed to be the drummer for Apparatjik at Roskilde.

Sennheiser article

Going wireless with Sennheiser

Going wireless with Sennheiser

A new article about the various Sennheiser equipment a-ha are using on stage during the farewell tour has been posted on

a-ha’s current FOH engineer Sherif El Barbari, who took over for Sven Persson last year, explains that it’s quite special to be working with Morten:

Morten is incredibly sensitive to the performance of his microphone and wireless personal monitor system. In fact, I’ve been an engineer for close to thirty years now, and I have never met someone who is so spot-on regarding what he hears, what he feels, and what he expresses. He is a perfectionist who is capable of delivering, and that has really raised the bar for [monitor engineer Kursten] Smith and myself.

a-ha tour manager Kleopatra Tuemmler mentions Morten’s new wireless microphone, which he started using on the “Foot Of The Mountain” tour, as being a positive development:

He has always been a very focused vocalist. He’s never been one to work out any kind of choreography. Having a reliable, excellent-sounding wireless mic has opened up his performance, allowing him to move without fear of tangled wires. He performs in a different way.

Read the whole article at

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