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Magne visits Germany

Magne with fellow jury member Graham Hill
(Picture from

Magne has been in Germany this week, to attend a few different events.

On Tuesday, September 13th, he was at the Smart Urban Stage exhibition in Frankfurt, the last in a series of twelve exhibitions held by car manufacturer Smart in various cities across Europe.

As part of a three-member jury with Lidewij Edelkoort and Graham Hill, Magne had the honour of announcing the winners of the Smart Future Minds Award – the most innovative of 110 projects based around the “future of the city”

The two winning projects were The People’s Supermarket (UK) and Calle de Diversion (Italy).


On Wednesday, September 14th, Magne was in Berlin at the release party of the third issue of SOME Magazine.

This issue of the art magazine documents the workshop held by Magne and fellow Apparatjik member Jonas Bjerre at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle earlier this year (see May 25th news update).

A video clip from the release party can be seen here.

Morten in Berlin


Morten has been in Berlin this week, to promote the live DVD.

On Thursday, March 24th, he was a guest on Radio Berlin. A video clip of the full interview can be seen at There is also a picture gallery on the same website.

He was also interviewed on WDR2 radio. A part of the interview can be heard at

In the evening he appeared at the Echo Awards show, to present the award in the “Best international female artist” category. The winner was Amy Macdonald and a video clip of Morten presenting the award can be seen on YouTube here.

Then on Friday, he made a surprise appearance at an fan party which featured a full screening of the new live DVD.


Next Friday, April 1st, Morten will be one of the guests on Skavlan – the most watched television talk show in Northern Europe. Skavlan is broadcast on NRK1 in Norway and on SVT1 in Sweden. Morten has appeared on Fredrik Skavlan’s talk show twice before, in 2002 and 2003.

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator opens in Berlin

Magne in Berlin last week, working on the Apparatjik installation together with his son Thomas Vincent.
(Picture from VG)

Apparatjik opened their Light Space Modulator project at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin this past weekend with a performance on Saturday that included a couple of new songs.

To promote this month’s events the band has teamed up with Smart to create a unique discoball electric car, covered by thousands of mirror pieces. In the YouTube video above, Magne can be seen driving around Berlin in the car. He also provides the vocals on the accompanying “Combat Disco” track.

More info about the collaboration with Smart can be found in an article on the New York Times website:
Band’s Electro Aesthetic Is Reflected by Discoball Smart Car

Magne has also done some new interviews in connection with the Berlin installation/performances:
QRO Magazine: Magne Furuholmen of Apparatjik & a-ha (English) Complicate Your Life! – Interview mit Magne Furuholmen (German)
Monopol Magazin: Apparatjik – Vier gegen Mies (German)

A few YouTube videos from Saturday’s performance can be seen here. And a Danish company that delivered the sound equipment for the cube has posted some pictures of the rigging here.

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator continues this month, with new performances planned on March 26th and March 27th – the latter in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester. “I will be conducting the orchestra together with the others in Apparatjik, and that’s something I’ve never done before“, Magne tells VG.

Apparatjik announce Berlin performances


Magne and the rest of Apparatjik will do 3 concerts/performances in Berlin in March, once again using their specially constructed cube.

This was announced in a news bulletin on today.

The performances will all be held at the city’s Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery), and the dates are:

Saturday 12. March
Saturday 26. March
Sunday 27. March

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at

Apparatjik have previously only done 3 concerts; in Berlin, Flø and London – all in 2010.

Update: A press release that has been published on and Magne’s MySpace page provides more details about The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator.

In addition to the three performances, there will be an exhibition from 13 to 27 March.
And the last performance on the 27th will be performed in collaboration with the Deutsches Kammerorchester.

Update #2: Apparatjik are also inviting their fans to take part in the project, by submitting images that may be used in a slide-show projected onto the cube. More details here.

Apparatjik perform in Berlin and release album

The Apparatjik members are starting to look surprisingly similar (Picture by Lydverket)

The Apparatjik members are starting to look surprisingly similar
(Picture by Lydverket)

Apparatjik played their first concert at the WMF Club in Berlin last night, as part of the music and art festival “Club Transmediale”.

The concert lasted around 40 minutes, with the band members playing inside a specially constructed cube.

This concert is as much an art performance, as a concert“, Jonas Bjerre told NRK’s Lydverket, which will have a TV-report about the concert next Wednesday.

The Berlin concert is the only Apparatjik performance that has been planned.

We would like to continue our collaboration, but if that will result in more music or something completely different, who knows“, the band says.

Morten by the cube (Picture by Lydverket)

Morten standing by the cube
(Picture by Lydverket)

Magne was not the only a-ha member in Berlin last night, as Morten had also come to witness the event.

[This was] refreshing, and even though Magne doesn’t really have time to do this right before our own tour starts, I think this is the best preparation he could have done“, Morten tells Lydverket.


The Apparatjik album was also released yesterday. It’s called We Are Here and can now be purchased as an MP3 album or pre-ordered as a CD/DVD set here.

The album cover

We Are Here album cover

Album tracklist:
1. Deadbeat
2. Datascroller
3. Snow Crystals
4. Supersonic Sound
5. Arrow and Bow
6. In A Quiet Corner
7. Josie
8. Antlers
9. Electric Eye
10. Look Kids
11. Quiz Show

“We’re taking back what once belonged to us”

Here is a selection of quotes from yesterday’s press conference in Berlin:

The band in Berlin

Magne: “We aren’t sure if this album is the beginning of something new, or the end of something. But it encompasses a-ha’s entire history and sums up all the directions we have tried.”

Magne: “We worked by trial and error, but something happened during the process. This is vital! We’re taking back what once belonged to us.”

Morten: “We are never satisfied, but I think this album is really good. This is an album I can listen to. I usually need a distance to albums I have contributed to, but not this time.”

Morten: “The reception we’ve had here in Germany has been fantastic. It feels great.”

Morten: “But the album we have made now is good enough to be our last one.”
Magne: “The album isn’t just good enough. It is more than good enough.”
(After denying that they have any plans about retiring)

Magne: “It wasn’t synthpop back then. It was just something new. Bands like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Kraftwerk, Soft Cell – they were all a big inspiration for us back then. Their sound influenced the edge in our own sound. And it worked.”

Morten: “As a vocalist, the most important thing for me is that the songs have the right
a-ha-identity, rather than who has written them.”
(When asked why he hasn’t written any of the songs on the album)

Magne: “In order to make a-ha function as it should, Morten has to function.”
Morten: “But I am completely dysfunctional.”
Magne: “Yes, we are aware of that. But we’re trying to make it function anyway.”


More pictures and video clips from the press conference can be found at
And additional articles has appeared in Dagsavisen, and in VG’s paper edition.

Berlin press conference

At the press conference

a-ha held a press conference at the Norwegian embassy in Berlin today, in connection with tomorrow’s German release of the new album.
Following a 10-minute photo session, the “Foot Of The Mountain” music video was shown. The band then answered questions from the press for about 45 minutes.
The Norwegian news website ABC Nyheter has a report from Berlin here.
More pictures from the press conference are available on and Getty Images.


Promotion in Germany is shifting into high gear tonight, with an unprecedented promotional stunt on the TV-channels that belong to the ProSiebenSat1 broadcasting group.
The “Foot Of The Mountain” video will be shown simultanously on Pro7, Sat.1, n24 and Kabel Eins, in addition to all their websites and the video platform
This happens tonight at 8.13 pm.

Tom Bohne, Senior Vice President of Universal Music Germany says in a statement:
We are delighted that one of the most important bands of the 1980s and 1990s also continue to play a big role in the new century. This position manifests itself with the simultanous premiere of their new music video on all the channels and platforms of our partner ProSiebenSat1. We are certain that a-ha will be dominating the charts in the coming months. The successfull performance of the current single has already proven that this will be a “summer of a-ha”.


While in Berlin yesterday, the a-ha members took the opportunity to attend the Depeche Mode concert at Olympiastadion.
We never go to concerts together. But it was worth it“, they said at today’s press conference.
A few pictures of a-ha at the concert are available on


Morten was recently in Vienna, Austria to do interviews, and some of them are starting to appear.
Life Radio has an interview available for listening here, and OE24 has a 6-minute video interview here.

Press conference in Berlin

ABC Nyheter reports that a-ha will be holding a press conference at the Norwegian embassy in Berlin next Thursday, 11 June.

This is not the first time a-ha are doing a press conference at the Norwegian embassy. They did the same back in 2002, to promote the release of the Lifelines album.

I mentioned yesterday that the download version of the new album would be available on in Norway three days before the CD release. But someone has changed their mind, and the album won’t be available for download until 15 June, the same day as the CD.

But not to worry, as it seems that the whole album will be streamed for free on Universal Norway’s website this coming Monday, June 8th.

Some chart updates:
“Foot Of The Mountain” enters the Austrian single chart at number 28, while it enters the Swiss single chart at number 33.

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