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The Voice – semifinal

Monika, Magne and Martin at rehearsals earlier in the week 
(Picture from Romerikes Blad)

Last night it was time for the semifinal in The Voice, with eight contestants remaining – two on each team.

First up on Magne’s team was Monika Blomeid, performing her own song “London Bound”.

“It’s extremely important for a vocalist and performer like Monika to become good through songwriting, write good melodies. That’s often the hard part. With this song, Monika shows that she does indeed excel in her songwriting, and that she has strength and integrity in her performance”, Magne said in his comments.

Next, it was Martin Halla performing “Release Me” by Swedish band Oh Laura.

When describing Martin’s performance, Magne decided to use the ultimate compliment at his disposal:

“The last time I encountered a voice that made the impossible seem possible, it was a young man in his early twenties – named Morten Harket. Martin is very different from him, but definitely in the same league.”

The decision on who would go through to next week’s final was once again spilt between the mentors and the TV audience. Magne had the chance of giving a certain percentage of votes to his two talents, but ended up giving Monika and Martin 50% each.

“For me, this is very simple. I have believed in Monika from the very beginning and she has proven her unique qualities. Martin has gradually taken off like a rocket. I’m not able to favor any of them, so I’ll leave the decision to the audience. They both deserve a future career, and I would like to keep following them. So I give them 50/50.”

The final decision showed that Martin received a big majority of the votes from the TV audience, and he is the one who will represent Magne’s team in the final next Friday.

He is joined in the final by Leif Anders Wentzel on Yosef’s team, Hege Øversveen on Hanne’s team and Aleksander W. Åsgården on Sondre’s team.

The Voice – episode 16

Magne with his two semifinalists; Monika Blomeid and Martin Halla 
(Picture from

Magne had three talents left on his team in yesterday’s live episode of The Voice, but only two of them would go through to next week’s semifinal.

Here are last night’s performances:

Shaun Bartlett (performing his own song “Secret Mission”)
Monika Blomeid (performing “Blowin’ In The Wind”)
Martin Halla (performing “We Found Love”)

Martin received the most audience votes, and it was up to Magne who would join him in the semifinal; Shaun or Monika.

He ended up choosing Monika, who did an amazing version of “Blowin’ In The Wind”, but said afterwards that it had been a very difficult choice:

“Shaun has been one of the best, all along. So in some ways this is unfair, but I hope to make it up to Shaun at a later point. (…) I hope I’ll be able to give him what I have of contacts and inspiration in the future”, Magne told VG.

“You never know how the audience will vote. I have been lying awake for a few nights now, thinking about this. (…) I tried to picture who would have the most to gain from this show, that’s why I chose to keep Monika”, he added to Dagbladet.

Before the show, there was a video interview with Magne on Afterwards he was interviewed by both VGTV and backstage in the Red Room studio.

The Voice – episode 14

Magne interviewed after the show, with Marius Beck and Marianne Pentha

The first live show of The Voice was broadcast from Chateau Neuf in Oslo last night, where Team Magne competed against Team Yosef.

Magne’s five talents had to be reduced to three by the end of the night, decided by both viewer votes and Magne’s own choices.

Shaun Bartlett got the most votes from the viewers, and Magne wanted to keep Monika Blomeid and Martin Halla on the team. So Marius Beck and Marianne Pentha are both out of the game.

“This was an incredibly difficult choice. I would have wanted to keep all my talents, they all deserve to be in the final”, Magne said after the show.

The performances can be seen here:
Marius Beck   Martin Halla   Marianne Pentha   Shaun Bartlett   Monika Blomeid

Earlier in the week posted a 6-minute video interview with Magne and Marius Beck, which can be seen here.

The Voice – episode 11 and 12

Here are last week’s duels on Magne’s team in episode 11 of The Voice:
Kathrine Fugllien vs. Yvonne Walderhaug (performing “Erase/Rewind”)
Ruben Gundersen vs. Martin Halla (performing “Keep on Walking”)

And the duel from episode 12 yesterday:
Heidi Blåsmo Frantzen vs. Marianne Pentha (performing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”).

In next week’s episode, Magne will need to reduce the number of talents on his team from seven to five, through a sing-off contest. And those five will then be ready for the live shows, starting on April 27th.

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