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Tomine on ‘Stjernekamp’

Tomine performing on Stjernekamp, 27 August

Tomine performing on Stjernekamp, 27 August

The fifth season of NRK1’s popular singing contest Stjernekamp kicked off tonight, with Tomine Harket as one of the contestants.

Morten in the audience

Morten in the audience

Stjernekamp is a live show where established artists and younger talents perform songs from a different music genre each week. The theme this week was Norwegian rock and Tomine had chosen to perform “Hjerteknuser” by Kaizers Orchestra.

Morten was in the audience to show his support, like he’s been on several occasions before.

The theme next week is country music, and Tomine will be performing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. Tonight’s episode is available to watch at

In addition to Stjernekamp, Tomine is currently enjoying success together with the rapper Unge Ferrari. Watch the music video for their latest single “Iblindeserenbedre” on YouTube.

Magne in ‘Datoen’ documentary

Magne returns to Manglerud where he grew up

Magne returns to Manglerud where he grew up

The previously mentioned episode of Datoen where Magne appears, aired on NRK1 in Norway last Sunday.

Each episode of the documentary series follows three different people who were born on the same date, and shows us how their lives took different paths.

Magne talks about some of the events that shaped his life; the death of his father, meeting Paul and later Morten, the early years with a-ha in the UK, and his relationship with Heidi. He also makes a visit to the house at Manglerud where he grew up, for the first time since he was 13-14 years old.

The whole one-hour episode is available to watch at

Magne to appear in new documentary series

Magne appears in one of the hour-long episodes

Magne appears in one of the hour-long episodes

Magne is one of the participants in a new six-part documentary series on NRK1 in Norway called Datoen (The date), according to Dagbladet.

Each episode will focus on three people; one well-known person and two ordinary people. Here’s NRK’s own description of the series:

“Three people born on the exact same date. Born in the same country and at the same time, but still their lives are going to take completely different turns. Three lives intertwined by small and major historic events. Maybe the lives of these three people can say something about all of us? About our country? About who we were and who we became?”

Datoen will premiere on NRK1 in Norway on September 6th. The airdate for the episode with Magne is not yet known.

Morten on Sommeråpent

Sommeråpent, August 15th

Sommeråpent, August 15th

Morten was interviewed and did an acoustic performance of “Do You Remember Me?” on NRK1’s Sommeråpent last night.

He was joined by Karl Oluf Wennerberg and Vicky Singh on the show, which was broadcast live from the roof of the Oslo Opera House.

The episode is available on NRK’s web-TV:
Interview with Morten
Morten and Marte Stokstad on “The Hit”
“Do You Remember Me?”

Pictures and videos from soundcheck and backstage:
NRK Sommer on Instagram – 1
NRK Sommer on Instagram – 2
Karl Oluf on Instagram – 1
Karl Oluf on Instagram – 2
Sommeråpent on Facebook

Morten on Lindmo and Geht’s noch

Morten, Karl Oluf and Dan on Lindmo, May 3rd.

Morten, Karl Oluf and Dan on Lindmo, May 3rd.

Morten was a guest on the NRK1 talkshow Lindmo yesterday. The show was taped in Oslo on Friday. In addition to being interviewed, he did an acoustic version of “Do You Remember Me” with Dan Sunhordvik and Karl Oluf Wennerberg. The show can be viewed at

There is also a photo gallery and a backstage clip from the taping on Facebook.

Morten was also a guest on the German talkshow Geht’s noch?! Kayas Woche, hosted by comedian Kaya Yanar, on Friday. The RTL show, which was taped in Cologne on Thursday, is available here – but can’t be viewed outside of Germany.

There is also a bonus clip at and a video greeting from Morten at

On the Norwegian album chart, Brother is down to #2 in its third week, after spending two weeks at #1. In Germany the album fell from #11 to #19 in its second week, while it disappeared from the Top 100 in both UK and Switzerland after only one week.

BTW, Dan Sunhordvik has posted a photo gallery from his promo work with Morten this spring on Facebook.

Studio 1 concert on NRK1

From Studio 1

From Studio 1

Morten’s Studio 1 concert, which was taped in Oslo on February 24th, aired on NRK1 in Norway last night.

Six of the seven songs performed were included in the TV broadcast, which can be viewed online at Whispering Heart / Brother / Do You Remember Me / Spanish Steps / A Kind Of Christmas Card / There Is A Place.

An additional song, Safe With Me, is available as a bonus video here.

Morten was joined on stage by Per Lindvall (drums), Christer Karlsson (keyboard), Peter Kvint (guitar) and Lars Danielsson (bass).

The concert will be repeated April 9th on NRK2.

Morten appears in Stargate documentary

Morten made a small appearance in a new documentary about Stargate that aired on NRK1 in Norway last night.

But those of you now eager to hear Morten’s views on the Goa’uld System Lords or Samantha Carter’s theories on wormhole physics, will be disappointed.

The documentary was actually about the Norwegian producer duo Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen, also known as Stargate. Based in New York, they have enjoyed big success in the US in recent years, becoming the first Norwegians to top the Billboard Hot 100 since a-ha. Stargate have written and produced such #1 hits as “Irreplaceable” (Beyoncé), “Firework” (Katy Perry), “Rude Boy”, “Only Girl (In the World)” and “S&M” (Rihanna) and “Black and Yellow” (Wiz Khalifa).

“When these guys manage to top that chart, which is the most difficult chart in the world to enter and which is based on airplay/sales statistics among an enormous amount of people – that’s like the ultimate achievement, in competition with everyone else”, Morten says in the documentary.

“They’ve done something formidable, which should be celebrated”, he added.

As some of you may remember though, Morten and Magne have made less favourable comments on Stargate in the past.

“Personally, this is not music that I’ll care to spend any time on. Success on its own doesn’t impress me, but if on the other hand you’re successfull with something good, that will really impress me”, Magne told VG in 2006.

“There’s one side of the music business that’s pure industry, and one side that’s more focused on the musical content, and then you find yourself situated somewhere between those two extremes. a-ha and Stargate aren’t exactly positioned in the same place on that scale”, Morten said in the same 2006 interview.

As for Paul; as a fellow New Yorker, he is a good friend of the guys in Stargate. The song “Shadowside” on Foot Of The Mountain was written specifically for one of Stargate’s artists. Eventually it ended up as an a-ha song instead.

“But without Stargate I wouldn’t have written that song. I’m looking for challenges like that, as I’ll come up with material that I otherwise wouldn’t have written”, Paul said in 2009.

The Stargate documentary can now be seen on NRK’s web-TV, but only within Norway.

“Sommeråpent” interview

Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Morten and Magne were guests on “Sommeråpent” on NRK1 last night.

Morten ended up sitting in host Pål Thoresen’s chair during the interview, because he was afraid of the draft up on the roof of Folketeateret, from which the show is broadcast live. Thoresen’s chair was the only place he wanted to sit.


Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Morten:There are a lot of concerts that I have to perform, and I have to make sure that I don’t catch a cold. I’m already quite tired of having to take that into consideration. Tonight we’re sitting outside, and if there is too much draft I’ll just have to say; folks, this is too much for me.

Magne about the Royal Albert Hall concert:This is probably the first concert ever where we’ll start with “Take On Me”. It will be quite a special concert for us, and we have done our best to separate it from the rest of the big tour. There are three main events that are coming up now; the Norwegian stadium tour, which is completely different and spectacular. The anniversary concert in Royal Albert Hall which will be very strict conceptually, by playing the first album we relased from the first to the last song. And then there is the big tour in the autumn, which will again be something different. We try to vary things that way.


Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Sommeråpent, August 2nd

Morten about the upcoming concerts in Japan:We had also hoped to visit more countries than Japan. Unfortunately we won’t have time for more, but at least we’ll visit Japan. It’s not long since our last visit and we’re looking forward to it. Just a couple more days now – or, you’re leaving tomorrow?

Magne:I leave tomorrow.

Host Pål Thoresen:We should add that Paul Waaktaar-Savoy is not here. Nobody knows where he is, though he was last observed in Italy.”

Morten:We got another Pål instead.

Pål Thoresen:I’m the stand-in, so it’s still Pål, Mags and Morten. That’s how it should be.


Magne about the Norwegian stadium tour:We’re hoping these will be our most spectacular concerts ever. The stage production will actually be of the same size as the [1991] concert in Rio de Janeiro in front of 200.000 people. So we have spared no expenses and we’ll do our best to make this a proper farewell and a big party.


The whole interview can be seen on NRK’s web-TV here.

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