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Magne presents Sir Peter Blake exhibition

The renowned British artist Sir Peter Blake is in Norway this week, to hold an exhibition of his works at Magne’s gallery Stolper + Friends in Oslo. The exhibition is called The Oslo Suite and is inspired by Norway and famous Norwegians.

Blake has also covered the nearby Shed 13 warehouse with his art, like Damien Hirst did last year.

Yesterday he met the press together with Magne to talk about these projects.

“I think it’s amazing that we have been fortunate enough to have Peter make a whole exhibition based on Norwegian characters, on Norwegian historical figures. And inspired by Norway. I think we should count ourselves very lucky to have Peter here and to have this exhibition happen”, Magne told NRK1’s evening news last night. There’s a video clip here (starts at 12:30).

Peter Blake and Magne in front of the a-ha print (Picture from Dagsavisen)

In addition to prints depicting Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Sonja Henie and Edvard Munch, Blake has also included a print based on a live photo of a-ha from the 80s, taken by Janne Møller-Hansen.

“When I was asked to hold an exhibition here, I wanted to base it on pictures of famous Norwegian people. And since I’m a good friend of Magne, I wanted to include a-ha as well”, Blake tells Dagsavisen.

Magne was perhaps slightly less amused.

“For me it’s difficult to hang a picture of myself on the wall, but this is a choice that he’s made. Based on which Norwegians he’s familiar with. My entire budget for this year’s Christmas presents has now been spent on buying two prints for Morten and Paul”, Magne jokes.

The Oslo Suite opens at Stolper + Friends tonight and will be on display until July 1st.

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Stolper + Friends launch “Shed 13” project

Magne in front of Shed 13, with Kate Smith (Daily Manager of Stolper + Friends) and Arnt Gøran Hartvig. (Picture from VG)

Stolper + Friends will unveil a new project in Oslo today. As an extension of the current “The Souls” exhibition, a large warehouse at Tjuvholmen called Shed 13 will be covered on two of its sides by six huge butterflies made by Damien Hirst.

“Everyone have been talking about Norway this summer, so this art project with the enormous butterflies can be seen as a nice gesture from Damien Hirst to Norway. (…) I think he felt that having his butterflies on display in super-format, out in the public for everyone to see, was an exciting and different project”, Magne tells VG.

The six butterflies, which measure a total of 1200 square meters, will stay on the walls for one month.

“Shed 13 is the perfect space to make temporary statements of different kinds on a grand scale. We hope this Hirst project is the first of many, from exciting artists from around the world and the other galleries in the area”, Magne said in a press release posted on Stolper + Friends’ Facebook page.


There is also a 2-page interview with Magne in the current issue of art magazine KUNST.

Asked if he now sees himself as a gallerist, he says:

“No. I’m involved as an owner, and I will of course make use of my network of contacts. But I’ll leave the daily operations to Hugo and the gallery workers. I’ll primarily focus on my own art projects, but I do live close by and will step in if there’s a need for it.”

Magne also says that he’s planning a new solo exhibition in December. But he’s not sure what the theme will be yet.


Update: After the lights had been switched on at Shed 13, Magne appeared on NRK’s evening news. The video clip can be seen here.

He was also interviewed by Dagbladet.

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