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Morten appears at Billboard Music Awards

Morten on stage at the Billboard Music Awards, with Pitbull and Christina Aguilera

Morten on stage at the Billboard Music Awards, with Pitbull and Christina Aguilera

Morten appeared as a surprise guest at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night, where he joined Pitbull and Christina Aguilera on stage at the end of their hit song “Feel This Moment” to sing the chorus of “Take On Me”.

The 3-hour show, which aired live on ABC in the US, was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The performance of “Feel This Moment” can be seen on YouTube.

Morten, Christina Aguilera and Pitbull (Picture from

Morten, Christina Aguilera and Pitbull
(Picture from

“Feel This Moment”, which borrows the classic riff from “Take On Me”, has been a big hit around the world in 2013. Pitbull was in contact with a-ha manager Harald Wiik over several months last year, to negotiate the use of the riff – which ended with Morten, Magne and Paul all getting songwriting credits on “Feel This Moment”.

“I thought it was fun, essentially. [Take On Me] has been treated to a lot of different versions. What is it, 25 years now, at least, since it was released. So it’s a resilient bugger. It’s been done in punk versions, heavy metal, death metal. All kinds. And now; Pitbull”, Morten said in the press room after the performance.

Morten also briefly talked about the new solo album he’s currently working on:

“I’m doing an album with a Swedish songwriter and producer, Peter Kvint. It’s possibly the best stuff I’ve ever done, actually. And that’s difficult to talk about, because it doesn’t sound true.”

Here is the whole Q&A session from the press room:

Prior to arriving in Las Vegas, Morten spent some time in New York on Friday, where a few select people had a chance to listen to some new demos.

Sound On Sound article

Sound On Sound, a UK magazine focusing on music recording technology, has a 6-page article about the recording of “Take On Me” in its latest issue, March 2011.

Describing the studio work on the different versions of the song in great detail, the article features contributions from producer Alan Tarney and engineers Neill King and Gerry Kitchingham.

The March issue of the magazine can be ordered from The a-ha article is also available as a PDF file here (includes a preview of the article).

(Thanks to Oliver and Matthew for the tip)

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