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German promo tour continues

Acoustic session on SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz, March 27th

Acoustic session on SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz, March 27th
(Picture from

Morten continued his promotional tour of Germany today. In Mainz he visited the studios of SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz, where he was interviewed for two different shows. He also did another acoustic session together with Dan Sunhordvik. A photo gallery and a few interview clips have been posted on

In Ludwigshafen he was interviewed by RPR1, where a lucky contest winner had the chance to ask him some questions. She asked if he’s going to play more solo songs on this tour, instead of a-ha songs, to which he replied: “More of me”. A picture with RPR1 host Inge Meyer has been posted on Facebook.

He also visited Radio Regenbogen in Mannheim, where he was met by a group of fans. A photo gallery can be found at Update: A video clip from the interview has been posted on YouTube.

Meanwhile on SWR1 Baden-Württemberg, another part of Barbara Scherrer’s interview with Morten was broadcast this evening. She asked him if he’s figured out the live versions of the songs yet:

“I’m not there yet, but I’m looking forward to warming up with the band and really starting to gel with the band. They’re very good actually, it’s a brilliant band.”

Even though he’s going on the road with a new backing band, Morten says that he’s hoping to play with Dan, Erik and Karl Oluf at some point as well:

“Dan Sunhordvik was part of the band that I had last time around, when I toured after Out Of My Hands. And that was also a great band, I was very happy with that band. Something else has happened this time around. The drummer that I played with on the Wild Seed album in 95, his name is Per Lindvall, he did sessions for this album, Brother, and he got so excited about the material that he said ‘I’m gonna play this. I’m gonna come with you live.’ And then he brought with him a couple of other guys. And that has been a tough decision for me, a difficult one. Because I want to play with both teams – and maybe I will. I’m kind of hoping I will. But this time around it’s with Per and a Swedish bunch. One guy is Danish – no, two actually. They’re two now.”

Oh, and here’s another acoustic version from SWR1 Baden-Württemberg – “Brother” performed with Dan Sunhordvik:

As for why “Did I Leave You Behind” was left off the album, Morten has told a German fan that it was because they only wanted to have 10 songs on the album, and it didn’t quite fit in with the others.

Morten starts German promo tour

Morten in Munich, March 24th (Picture by Cermisi)

Morten in Munich, March 24th
(Picture by Cermisi)

Morten started his German promo tour in Munich yesterday, where he visited the studio of radio station BR3. In the interview, which was broadcast today and now available on, he was asked about the melancholic feel of “Brother”:

“Melancholy is seen as sad by some people, whilst for other people it’s a way of reflecting on things that have value to you. But “Brother” is kind of a war song at the same time; you are you, and you have the right to become you. And no one has the right to prevent or to stop that from happening. If I’m interested in you, I don’t want to change you into becoming something I like, so to speak. I should just welcome anything that you want to do to become you”, Morten said.

Today he was in Stuttgart for an interview with SWR1, which can be heard on It included the premiere of the full version of “Do You Remember Me?”, which is the second single off the album. There is also a gallery of photos on SWR1’s Facebook page.

He also visited Radio 7 in Ulm today, where a lucky contest winner had a chance to sing “Brother” together with Morten. Interview clips, along with a YouTube video and photo gallery have been posted on

Several other interviews have been taped and will air in the coming days and weeks.

The promo tour, which continues with radio, TV and newspaper interviews for the rest of the week, will apparently also visit Baden-Baden, Mannheim and Hannover.

Morten on the inspiration behind “Brother”

From the music video

From the music video

The “Brother” music video, which leaked online earlier this week, had its official premiere on VGTV in Norway today.

“Harald Zwart got the idea for the music video immediately after hearing the song for the first time. It’s based on a classic movie by the Swedish comedians Hasse & Tage. We have arranged for a copy of the video to be delivered to the Hasse & Tage museum”, Morten tells VG.

The song itself started with Peter Kvint getting the idea for the melody:

“It was developed from there and to its final version by Peter and myself. The lyrical identity came to me – at the same time – after having just read the biography of Majiid Nawaz, “Radical”, about growing up as a young muslim in England, faced with European, Western culture and politics, and his personal confrontation with fundamental values after years of going down an uncompromising and dangerous road internationally as an islamist. And then choosing an even more dangerous road later on”, Morten says.

“Brother” is about love and respect, as it is shown when recognizing everyone’s right to become who they are. About the right to follow your own conscience. “Brother” is about respecting diversity – and how this is a fundamental value”.

“Brother” music video

From the music video

From the music video

Although the “Brother” music video hasn’t officially premiered yet, it has now started appearing on YouTube.

Apparently the video was posted prematurely on Vimeo by someone involved in the production, but has since been removed. The same thing happened with the video for “I’m The One”.

The music video was shot in Ernest E. Debs Regional Park in Los Angeles last month, and directed by Harald Zwart. The song itself is a heavily shortened edit version.

‘Brother’ audio samples



30-second audio samples of all the songs on Morten’s new album Brother are now available on Amazon. Listen to them here.

Update: 90-second samples in better quality are now up on iTunes UK, Ireland etc. If you can’t find them in your local iTunes Store, just change the country.

‘Brother’ tracklist and album cover

Album cover

Album cover

Morten’s upcoming album Brother, to be released on April 11th, is now available for pre-order through and

Here’s the tracklist:
1. Brother
2. Do You Remember Me?
3. Safe with Me
4. Whispering Heart
5. Heaven Cast
6. There Is A Place
7. Oh What A Night
8. End Of The Line
9. Can’t Answer This
10. First Man To The Grave

For some reason “Did I Leave You Behind”, which Morten performed at every Night of the Proms concert, will not be included.

The final album cover doesn’t seem to be ready yet. So for now, the Amazon listings just include a combination of the “Brother” and “There is a Place” single covers.

Update: The cover art is now confirmed to be official, which is pretty shocking, considering how poor it looks. Was there no money left to hire a graphic designer?

More radio promotion

Morten in the studio at NRK P1's Nitimen (Picture from Facebook)

Morten in the studio at NRK P1’s Nitimen
(Picture from Facebook)

Morten did another round of radio promotion today, which included P4s Radiofrokost, NRK P1’s Nitimen and Radio 102.

Here are some translated quotes:

“We have just delivered the finished album. Beyond this point you can’t change anything, you’re handing it over to others, so there’s been a lot to take care of in the final stages.”

“During the songwriting, Peter Kvint and I have worked on the music, while Ole Sverre Olsen and I have written the lyrics. But there are also some exceptions. One of the songs on the album has been written by Ole Sverre on his own, but primarily he’s worked on the lyrics. Peter Kvint is the main producer, while I have co-produced.”

“This album has much of the same spirit as Wild Seed. I’m thinking Brother is a natural continuation. There are similarities in the sound.”

“Per Lindvall, who is a fantastic drummer and whom I’ve worked with in the past, including in a-ha, he’s playing the drums on this album. I’ve used him quite a bit previously, but now he’s brought along some of the guys he usually plays with. I’m going to Stockholm in a few days, to start rehearsing with these guys. It will be very exciting, as they are top-notch musicians.”

“We’re not sure when [the music video] will be released. Harald Zwart has got a fair amount of post-production to do, so you won’t just see my nose above water for five minutes. There’s a lot of decision-making around the material that’s been shot, which partly decides when the album is coming out. We’ve been aiming for album release in late March, but with the ongoing post-production on the music video, I think we’re looking at early April instead.”

In addition, nine brand new promotional photos from the recent Mexico photo shoot have been posted on They were taken between 30 January – 1 February.

Harald Zwart directs “Brother” music video

"I'm not sure what's in the water", Morten told VG.

“I’m not sure about the quality of this water”, Morten said afterwards.

Morten was in Los Angeles last week, to do a music video for “Brother”. The video is directed by Harald Zwart, who previously did the a-ha videos for “Velvet” (2000) and “Forever Not Yours” (2002). VGTV has a video report from the set at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, which can be seen here (at 3:50).

Zwart drenched Morten in water in both of the previous a-ha videos, and “Brother” is no exception. Wearing a wetsuit, Morten had to spend hours floating in what appears to be…uhm…a manmade lake.

Harald Zwart

Harald Zwart

“Harald is not interested in my body. It’s only the area from the neck up that counts now”, Morten jokingly tells VG.

“If you don’t make it challenging and exciting on the set, it won’t be an exciting video. Harket is sporty to be doing this. It’s cold and difficult to be floating in the water for hours, while pretending to sing”, Harald Zwart says.

The Brother album is now scheduled for release at the end of March, an album that has reminded Morten why he got into music in the first place:

“This has been an unusual year for me. The process of recording this album is the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve really had a unique collaboration with the Swedish producer and songwriter Peter Kvint. When the material really hits you, when the songs have a distinctive character, that’s when I’m reminded why I got into music in the first place. It hits that guy inside me who started out 30 years ago, that guy who really wanted to do this.”

“I’m really enjoying myself at the moment, and I’m looking forward to getting started and playing live with the band”, Morten tells VG.

Prior to the music video shoot in LA, Morten and his team appears to have done a week-long photo shoot on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. Make-up artist Kelly Thorpe has posted some info about this on Twitter and Instagram.

Morten performs “Brother” at Spellemann

Morten on stage in Stavanger Konserthus

Morten on stage in Stavanger Konserthus

Morten performed “Brother” live for the first time last night, at the Spellemann Awards 2013 in Stavanger (although much of it seemed to be playback). If you missed it, it’s been uploaded to YouTube.

He was joined on stage by two very familiar Swedes on keyboard and drums; Christer Karlsson and Per Lindvall, plus two other Swedes on guitar and bass; Peter Kvint and Jerker Odelholm.

On the red carpet before the show

“I’ve brought along a really good band. It’s good to get started”, Morten told VG on the red carpet

“Brother emerged when we did a 5-day session at a cabin in Southern Norway, and the identity of that song set the tone for the whole album. I can recognize myself again as an artist now, and things are completely different than on the last album. The collaboration with Peter Kvint has opened new channels within me”, Morten told Aftenposten in an interview before the show.

The song was released yesterday in Norway, where it quickly went to number 1 on the iTunes chart. It’s also available on WiMP and Spotify, and will be released in other countries soon.

VG’s reviewer Thomas Talseth gives the song 5/6 and calls it “a triumph”:

“Brother, a serious yet uplifting song, has melodic hooks that pushes the right buttons. Empathic and moving. (…) This could – and should – be his biggest solo-hit in years”, Talseth writes.

Video clips from the red carpet at Spellemann:
Dagbladet    Se og Hør    VGTV    NRK

Morten on the new album: “This is a new start”

Morten in the studio in Stockholm (From VG's paper edition)

Morten in the studio in Stockholm
(From VG’s paper edition)

VG has an interview with Morten today, in connection with his new single “Brother” which is released next Saturday, January 18th. There’s a 1-minute sample of the song available now on

As stated in the VG interview, the new single has a more organic sound than the material on Out Of My Hands and has Morten singing in a lower register. “You’re still my brother / till the end of time” is quoted as part of the lyrics.

The interview was done in Peter Kvint’s studio in Stockholm, where the duo is apparently still busy trying to finish the album.

“I didn’t like the a-ha machinery on Out Of My Hands”, Morten says – referring to having many of the same backing musicians and crew members as on the last a-ha tours in 2009-10.

Cover of the new single

Cover of the new single

“The a-ha backstory was still present in my system, but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait before starting again. This [new album] is a much more peaceful project, without all that noise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Out Of My Hands and everything that happened afterwards, but now I don’t have those connections anymore. There’s an open sky before me and I feel completely free. This definitely feels like a new start.”

The title track of the new album was the first song Morten wrote together with Peter Kvint. He has only good things to say about the Swedish producer:

“I feel that we’re responding to the same things. He’s a good listener, and none of us feel that we’re standing in each other’s way. He’s curious about what I want to do, and so am I. I really feel that I’ve landed with this collaboration. He’s a real find. Things have never been easier, not least in the studio.”

Morten agrees that his new material has similarities with Wild Seed:

“And that’s incredibly liberating. I have the same feeling now as I had back then; of starting all over again.”

As usual, he is also asked about the possibility of a-ha ever reforming:

“I don’t know if that will ever happen – that’s not for me to decide anyway. But it was definitely the right decision to quit when we did.”

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